National Parks Now Open To Motorcyclists For First Time

Moderate Fees and Reasonable Regulations Imposed-Good Conduct a Vital Requisite to a Continuance of Park Privileges

From the May 1918 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

Los Angeles, April 25. - May 1 will in a sense be Liberty Day for motorcyclists throughout the nation and particularly in the Pacific West, for on that day, freedom of the national park road systems to devotees of the two-wheeler will become an established fact for the first time. Rules and regulations embracing the admission and use of automobiles and motorcycles to the Yosemite and Yellowstone Parks have been issued by Stephen T. Mather, Director of the National Park Service, Department of the Interior, Washington.

Representing a great deal of painstaking effort, the official regulations are most liberal in their application to motorcyclists, who, as a matter of fact, are being admitted this season on probation. On their behavior during this period will depend whether they will continue to enjoy the privileges of these national wonderlands or whether they again will be excluded.

In a letter to the editor of Pacific Motorcyclist and Western Wheelman, Director Mather states:

“You will note that for the first time in the history of these parks motorcycles have been admitted to the use of their road systems. I will be glad to have you publish these regulations, and at the same time caution motorcyclists of California again. We are expecting them to co-operate to the fullest extent in protecting travel on the roads of the parks and in assisting the officers of this Bureau in the prevention of accidents.”

For the benefit of all motorcyclists the complete rules governing admission to both Yosemite and Yellowstone are published. These rules are not duplicates. It will be noted that motorcycle admission fees are extremely moderate, compared with the automobile entrance fee, that speed and operating requirements are very fair and that in every way the officials of the Park Service are making it as easy as possible for motorcyclists to enjoy the greatest scenic preserves in all the world.

Park roads are in better shape this season than ever before, particularly in Yosemite. Due to the lack of snow and mild winter, the Government has been able to keep road gangs at work practically all winter, with the result that now on the threshold of the opening of the park season, the roads are in tip top shape.

Motorcyclists contemplating a tour to the national parks this season should preserve the copy of the regulations published below and study them carefully before starting on such an outing. See that your machine is in A-1 shape, take a camera along, and make up your mind to keep your muffler closed and obey the regulations to the letter while in the parks.

Remember that it has taken years of hard work on the part of motorcycle clubs and individuals to convince Secretary of the Interior Lane that motorcyclists were deserving of admission to the national parks. It is the speed fiend, the reckless rider and the open muffler offender who have placed the stigma on decent motorcyclists and denied them the park privileges in the past, and any serious repetition of these offenses will result in the parks again being closed to all motorcyclists.

This magazine is going to co-operate with the Government by Publishing the names of any motorcyclists who violate the park regulations. If you don’t want your name on this list of undesirables, just behave yourself and live up to the regulations if you take a motorcycle into Yosemite or Yellowstone.

Some Yosemite Scenery Left-Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Lewis, of Alameda, Cal., at the Camp Curry Entrance. They Were Admitted Last Year on a Special Permit. Center-Mrs. Lewis at the Wawona Big Tree Tunnel Right-Ancient and Modern Indians. A Genuine Yosemite Tribe Inspecting the Gasoline Pony of the Palefaces.