MV Agusta Brutale Cannonball

Personalization as new border of exclusiveness

Varese, 28th June 2010 - The Cannonball kit that has been created by MV Agusta Corse for racing use only and adds more magic and performance to the prestigious naked Brutale, turning it into a precious, exclusive and extraordinary jewel.

The interventions are targeted, the objectives are very clear: increasing the performance, making the bike even lighter and fully exploiting its technology. A number of components have been developed exclusively for the Cannonball kit. The Engine Control Unit, the cylinder head, the camshafts, the valves and the exhaust system, which is manufactured completely from titanium and is completed by a low and spirited exhaust pipe, have all been purposely designed for this kit, enabling the Brutale to increase its maximum power by an additional 20 hp: Brutale, in name and indeed. All this without giving up to the exceptional dynamic qualities and the taste of incomparable ride of a naked version which adds a touch of crazy exuberance to its notorious determination.

The new technical components enables the Brutale Cannonball to excel on the track: the exciting performance are restrained by the pure chassis and by high quality suspension components which enable the rider to enjoy easy handling and the typical pleasure of riding an MV Agusta bike. Calm readiness on gas control, resounding acceleration, lively engine: all this becomes reality with the Cannonball kit of 165 hp.

The excitement starts in figures: the maximum power flies to 165 hp, 21 more than the 1090RR standard bike. At 9.000 revs/min the power is 140 hp, at 10.000 it is 160 hp, a little later the maximum is reached, an absolute record for Brutale. You don't have to give up to torque as there is the same (112 Nm) of the 1090RR standard bike.

The objective of the highest performance has not given a back seat to the traditional care that MV Agusta dedicates to design and attention to detail. Brutale is a wonderful example of essential and smart details, it can be enriched with the addition of a lower fairing, of tail section and a large number of additional components in carbon fibre and aerospace aluminium enhancing its racing heritage.

The unique and unmistakable characteristics of Brutale have made it famous throughout the world, but the MV Agusta kit has been created to transform it into a unique motorcycle with unbeatable performance, providing the typical excellence that MV Agusta customers have come to expect.

On the MV Agusta official website it is possible to design your own "Brutale Cannonball" thanks to the special 3D configuration program: the bike takes shape on the screen and then it transforms into a titanium and carbon fibre jewel with the easy purchase on-line with the exclusive components of the kit.

MV Agusta Brutale Cannonball