First Ride Video: 2015 Motus MST

A clean-sheet design with a V-4 engine bearing resemblance to a small-block Chevy.

Motus felt that a large-displacement V-4, now CARB certified in all 50 states (see story here), would fulfill the promise of a torque-rich, understressed engine, perfect for an American sport-touring machine. The burly V-4 power defines the new MST's character while Brembo and Öhlins components make the Motus competitive. So how does it handle and what does its Baby Block V-4 engine sound like? Editor In Chief Marc Cook travelled to the Motus factory in Birmingham, Alabama to take a special ride on the MST. Click play to view the First Ride. Also included are interviews with Motus President, Lee Conn and Co-Founder/Design Director Brian Case.