Motorcyclist Radio - April 23 and 30

With Host Steve Natt

April 23, 2011
Few people have brought real science to the world of high performance motorcycling like Ammar Bazzaz, who joins Host Steve Natt for this full episode. Learn how Ammar's background in advanced math, physics and data acquisition for America's Space Program led him to the Yoshimura/Suzuki racing team. Building on many successful years there, his eponymous company BAZZAZ now makes all sorts of bolt-on go faster products for sportsbikes.
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April 30, 2011
Plug in, tune in, turn on: This show is all electric. Host Steven Natt leads the conversation with Craig Bramscher, Founder and CEO of Brammo Motorcycles. Looks like there's good news ahead. Then Motorcyclist Magazine Contributor James Parker calls in to discuss his work in general, and his collaborations with Mission Motors of San Francisco on improving their Mission R electric sport/racebike.

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