The Motorcyclist Pictorial | July 1936

From the July 1936 issue of _Motorcyclist _Magazine

An oldtime road racer, Roy Artley, doing his stuff during a recent T.T. in San Diego. Roy still garners first place A sidecar stunt seen at a recent motorcycle rodeo in Crystal Palace, London Clarence Pearce, Atlanta, Ga., taking a bad spill which cost him the lead in the race at Chattanooga recently. Clarence was leading by 54 seconds when he unloaded Some of the crowd scattered along the Chattanooga course J.B. Jones getting the last lap flag for first place Joe Walker of Fresno, California, better known as “The Hermit.” contemplates Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite A good view of a starting gate, as used in speedway racing in England. Three tapes or elastics, held down by a magnet at each end, fly up when the current is switched off and the magnet breaks. Riders in the picture are waiting for the gate to go up. This is, of course, used in conjunction with clutch starts