The Motorcyclist Pictorial | January 1938

From the January 1938 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

(Skinner photo) A Comparison of expressions is afforded by two photos of Happy Seamans who won national honors in two classes during ‘37. The smaller (Skinner photo) was taken at Hornell early in the season when Hap was piling up points. The larger view indicates the relaxation and satisfaction of having garnered two titles Just a little patience and the 10-mile class “C” event at Milwaukee will be under way. In the lineup are Biscaldi, Jones, Kretz, Anthony Edwards, Carpenter, Mischaud and Earl Robinson That Saginaw team in the ‘37 Jack Pine run A member of the “Bolivar Daredevils “ photographed by Dr. A.P.S. Sweet, just a fraction of a moment after the actual impact in a board crash E.H. Tursky and his Indian from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, giving a sand stretch a wide berth during the last Jack Pine run. Tursky, it is to be remembered was winner in the class “A” solo