The Motorcyclist Pictorial | February 1937

From the February 1937 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

1-Opal Patrick of Kansas City, Mo.-active in club affairs and rides on all the runs. 2-A fair Kodak City Tag-along. 3-Mary Belcher, Lou Riggsby and Lenore Holloway, all of Chattanooga, Tenn., and experienced riders. 4-Fritzies Roamer’s Auxiliary. At an event, running a concession stand. 5-Janey Bryan, a beauty from the Frontier M.C. Auxiliary. 6-Vera Smith, the most active rider in the San Francisco M. C. 7-Mrs. and the young Miss “Red” Wolverton, to be seen at all eastern events.
8- Meet Mrs. Harriet Beck. 9-Kay Harris of Kodak City Tag-alongs. 10-Miss Lucy Ingraham who outrode many of the men in the Flint Hundred. 11-Phyllis Martin and friend from the Frontier M.C. Auxiliary. 12-John R. Hull sends this photo of his fiancé, Miss Fay Reynolds, of Philadelphia. 13-The boys and girls of the Fresno M.C. at Sequoia National Park. 14-Millie Ungross, another Frontier Auxiliarite, about to do the corn act.