The Motorcyclist Pictorial | December 1937

From the December 1937 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

An American… Jack Milne, receives the Auto Cycle Union World’s Championship trophy, from the hands of Major Vernon Brook, chairman of the English Speedway Control Board. This scene took place at Wembley Stadium before a crowd of 85,000 spectators who gave him a great ovation, attesting to the popularity of his victory A deeply interested audience watches a very busy rider at a T.T. race held during the gypsy tour at Fishkill, N.Y. (Skinner photo)
What one very tired rider saw of the finish of the 1937 Jack Pine run. Anyone can get the same view by reclining at full length in the middle of the road, with his head near the heels of a motor and a section of the Lansing skyline within range Says the bear, “Well, who started this anyway.” The rider, just one of America’s many touring motorcyclists says, “Goodbye now!” Roadside patterns of ice formed from wind blown rain during a cold spell in Trail, B.C. (Photo by Palmer Rutledge) A couple of Langhorne mugs. “Woodsie” Castonguay to the left and Ed Kretz to the right. “Woodsie” is an East Coast Speedster and Ed is a West Coast merchant of the same quality. Both boys are husky, heady, Hell-for-leather riders