The Motorcyclist Pictorial | August 1936

From the August 1936 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

Joe Petrali, our most outstanding class A rider, warps a few bends at Frederick, Maryland on July 14th and comes out with the lion’s share of victories With his usual versatility, Smoky Joe swings back and forth from track to climb. He goes over the top to win at Hornell, N.Y. on July 5th A few of the trophies that were fought for at the San Diego Exposition on July 5th. Frank Fry of West Los Angeles was high point man of the day. 5,000 visitors to the Exposition watched the festivities Petrali broadsiding a turn at Frederick, Maryland “Slick” Tindall, who turned in the fastest time in the open event on the beach at the Northwestern rally. “Slick” is a real rider, as he has proved in the past when he took jaunts to other territories and returned home with the first prizes. Likeable and capable; that’s “Slick” A road race in Silesia, showing two views of how they ride the mud there with or without help according to the attitude of the spectators at hand. Howard Mitzel, lower, and H. Seamans, upper, in varied a