The Motorcyclist Pictorial | April 1936

From the April 1936 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

“Buddy” Parriot, who brought down the house when he dragged one foot and started sifting around the track at a recent night speedway event. The job he rides is one built up by his dad, Sam Parriot Luton (Beds) speedway.
G. Greenwood riding in a destruction test for Wembly authorities who are deliberately trying to destroy a new motor of 40 h.p. and 6,000 r.p.m. in an effort to discover weak spots in preparation for the coming speedway season. Ed Kretz, 1936 road race champion, taking Martin Owen “for a ride” during a “scramble.” Glenn Faulkerson is the chap seen over the back wheel, picking up one of the two machines which tangled just as Kretz was passing. It can be seen that Kretz is doing a heavy job of braking, but he did not stop until he had removed a bit of spare hide from various sections of Owen’s person Views from different angles of the streamlined job turned out by Raymond Courtney of Lansing, Michigan.
Victor McLaglen’s Light Horse Motorcycle Club, on drill at Mota-Speedway, Long Beach, Calif.