Motorcyclist Holiday Gift Guide for 2012 | Gear

Stocking stuffer ideas for Christmas

It's last minute shopping time and here are a few helpful suggestions to help fill those stockings for the motorcyclist in your life. This is one of our favorite Gear spread themes because, well, these are things we'd like to find in our own stockings come Christmas. Give one of these items to a fellow rider or share this list on your Facebook wall to leave that not-so-subtle hint for loved ones.

1 Motion Pro Bead Pro Tire Tool

No tool kit is complete without a set of tire irons, and the new Bead Pro Tire Tool from Motion Pro seems to do it all. The set comes with two tools that have a bead breaker at one end and contoured tire spoons at the other. They’re made from forged aluminum and are perfect for dual sport bikes. Give a set for $79.99.

2 Triumph Belt Buckle

Got a Triumph fan in the family? Give him this Bonneville tank badge belt buckle. It’s cast in brass and has been given an appropriately vintage finish. It costs $24.99 and is best given wrapped in a greasy rag.

3 Kershaw Cryo Pocket Knife

A pocketknife is a classic father-son gift, and this compact Cryo knife from Kershaw is a prime candidate for inclusion in a Christmas stocking. The $49.95 Cryo has a 2 ¾-inch blade, Speed Safe assisted opening, a sturdy frame lock, and matte titanium finish that is both durable and attractive.

4 Streetfx Brake Electropods

Give the gift of added safety and provide a garage project during those dreary winter months. StreetFX’s Brake Electropods feature eight blinking LEDs that serve as auxiliary brake lights. They’re easy to install and cost just $31.99 per pair with black or chrome housings.

5 Hallmark Harley Ornaments

This Street Glide FLHX ornament is just one of several highly detailed and impressively accurate Harley-Davidson tree hangings from Hallmark’s Keepsake collection. It’s got rich paint and lustrous chrome, just like the real thing! (Only a lot quieter.) The wheels even spin and the steering pivots. Hang one from your tree for $14.95.

6 "How Your Motorcycle Works" Book

You might not be able to ride your bike during the snowy months, but you can learn all about how it works. “How Your Motorcycle Works” is a jargon-free guide to everything from the basics of internal combustion to the intricacies of traction control. This 80-page, $19.99 book is full of illustrations—and small enough to fit in a stocking.

7 Leatherman Oht Tool

The new OHT (One Hand Tool) will debut just in time for Christmas. As the name implies, Leatherman designed it to be operated with one hand, so the pliers, wire cutters, knife blades, saw, bottle opener, and screw drivers are all mounted for easy, mono-paw manipulation. It costs $82, contains 16 tools and comes with a 25-year warranty.

8 Tiltpod

Apple’s iPhone takes excellent photos, but when you tire of arm-length self-portraits, it’s time to get a Tiltpod. This nifty little $15 accessory attaches to your iPhone 4 or 4S to provide hands-free photos and video thanks to a nickel-plated pivot and textured, magnetic base. Tiltpod also offers a screw stud option for cameras that can’t make calls.

9 Replay XD1080 Action Camera

The XD1080 lets you capture your ride in high-definition (full 1080) video. It’s compact (just 3 ounces, and only 3.6 inches long), reportedly simple to use, and offers numerous photo and video recording options. This $299.99 action camera comes with a storage case, various mounts and a 4GB memory card, so you can start filming right out of the stocking.

10 Cyclewipes

There are lots of solutions for cleaning your helmet visor, but few are as convenient or affordable as CycleWipes. A dozen of these woven, pre-moistened wipes come in a resealable package for just $6.95. They’re a practical, thoughtful item to drop in any rider’s Christmas stocking.

11 MHoF Greeting Cards

Motorcycle-inspired greeting cards can be hard to come by—especially if you're looking for more than Snoopy or Santa riding the ubiquitous Harley. Thankfully, the Motorcycle Hall of Fame’s gift shop has dozens of tasteful designs to choose from. They run the gamut from playful to timeless, and are available in boxes of 25 for $24.99.

12. Motorcyclist Magazine T-Shirts

This list wouldn't be complete without some cool Motorcyclist tees! Ghostracks USA is our new supplier of vintage retro t-shirts featuring images and logos of your favorite mag throughout the years. GT USA uses only high quality American made 5.5 ring spun cotton and designs are printed using water-based inks. We've been wearing them for a few weeks now and can say they're super soft and fit great.

Sizes are available in S to XXXL. Prices start at just $24.95