Motorcyclist Editor Mitch Boehm Caught Sleeping on the Job in an F-18

Think doing aerobatics in a U.S. Navy Blue Angels F-18 is exciting? Not for Motorcyclist magazine editor Mitch Boehm, who was caught napping while he was supposed to be working.

Mitch Boehm thumbs up
Boehm gives the thumbs-down, reflecting his apparent boredom, before nodding off.Motorcyclist

Most of us find working for a motorcycle magazine to be a pretty stimulating job, and almost anyone would think that the opportunity to ride along with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels was a thrill. But not Mitch "The Butcher" Boehm.

As detailed in the current issue of Motorcyclist, Editor Boehm and Eddie Lawson recently got ride-alongs with the Blue Angels. We were envious of the boss, until we got this video tape. It turns out The Butcher was napping during those aerial manuvers, and since he was supposed to be working, he was, in fact, sleeping on the job. We are shocked. Shocked! We think you will be too, if you click the appropriate link video link below and watch Boehm slip the surly bonds of consciousness.