Motorcyclist/Edelweiss Spanish GP Tour

Take the Tour of a Lifetime with the M/C Staff

Here's an intelligence test.

How would you like to spend a solid week carving up the most deliciously twisty roads in all of Spain-with actual members of the Motorcyclist staff, no less-on bikes such as the new Suzuki SV1000 or BMW's R1150RT?

Start out on the Mediterranean coast, then head over the mountains and down the coast to Alicante. For dessert? Have a spot of sangria with 80,000 of the most rabid race fans in the world and watch Colin Edwards and Nicky Hayden take on that Rossi kid at the Grand Prix of Valencia, the season finale scheduled for November 1-2. And how about wallowing in the indigenous culture and cuisine every day and relaxing at swank local hotels at night?

No? We're sorry -- you're obviously reading the wrong magazine.

If yes, the only loose detail is scraping together the price of admission: anywhere from $2880 for two people bunking and riding tandem on a BMW F650 to $4250 to go solo on an Ducati ST4 or BMW K1200RS. You come up with the cash and Edelweiss Bike Travel does the rest, providing everything from van ride from the airport and back to maps, insurance and tour guides. Ring up Tri-Community Travel in Wrightwood, California, at (800) 507-4459 to find out more, or fire off an e-mail to

See you there.

Join us for the tour of a lifetime.