Motorcycle Touring Essentials

Inspector Gadget Has Got Nothing On Us

Vemar Jiano Bluetooth helmet
Italian helmet manufacturer Vemar is back in the USA, and its new Jiano Bluetooth helmet is an amalgamation of desirable features. The well-appointed flip-up comes equipped with a pre-installed wireless Bluetooth system that features stereo speakers, easy to operate controls and a rechargeable battery capable of 10 hours of operation. A lever-actuated, aviation-style sun visor, steel pin and hook latch on the chinbar, efficient ventilation system, removable and washable liner, EC/DOT certification and a five-year warranty make it a functional and stylish choice. Compatible with your cell phone, GPS and MP3 devices, the Jiano Bluetooth will keep you connected while on the road. It will be available in August, priced at $500.

**Tom Tom Rider GPS **
Designed for riders by riders, the second edition of the TomTom Rider navigation system has been updated with new features sure to improve your touring experience. Detailed maps of the US and Canada come preloaded into the weatherproof device, which is capable of beaming spoken directions directly into your helmet via the included Bluetooth headset. A 3.5-inch, full-color, glove-friendly touch screen allows you to access an abundance of information, such as trip statistics, local fuel prices and lodging. The $649.95 unit can run for up to 5 hours on its own battery, or be wired into the bike's system via an included power cable.

GoPro Motorsports Hero video camera
What's the only thing better than great photos? Great video! GoPro makes it easy to get on-board video of your ride with its affordable new $179.99 Motorsports Hero digital video camera. Contained in a shock-resistant, waterproof case, this tiny (just 4 oz.) unit is entirely self-sufficient; no external power source, cables or microphone to tangle you up. Two AAA batteries and a 2 GB memory card (sold separately) yield up to 55 minutes of television-quality audio/video. Included in the kit are a number of attachment accessories for easy mounting anywhere there's a few square inches of smooth surface, plus a USB/RCA cable so you can view footage on your TV.

CruzTools Tool kit
California-based CruzTools has been helping riders in distress help themselves since 1996, when specialized tool kits such as this didn't exist. Compiled specifically for Harley-Davidson owners, this comprehensive yet compact kit is composed of 30 well-chosen items including common SAE combination wrenches, 6-in-1 combination screwdriver, plug wrench, LED flashlight (batteries not included), pillow pouch of all-important WD-40 and even a rag to wipe up the excess. Relieving your wallet of $99.95 while adding 3.5 pounds to your bike may give some riders pause, but when your carbureted '82 Super Glide fouls its plugs at 10,000 feet while crossing the Continental Divide, you'll be glad you did.

Manufactured by High Gear Specialties right here in the US of A, Techmounts are the solution for affixing all sorts of gadgets to your bike. The handlebar mount installs effortlessly, its machined clamp requiring only a few turns of a screw and a mere half-inch of bar space to provide a secure foundation for anything from a radar detector to a Big Gulp cup holder (some modification required). Beautifully crafted from top-quality alloys, these stylish mounts range in price from $69.95 to $85.95 and are available in a multitude of mounting configurations including handlebar, mirror, fairing, stem and "specialty." With a durable finish in your choice of chrome, anodized silver or anodized black, a Techmount will cleanly complement the look of any touring bike.

ProVault Ipod Case
Should a catastrophe occur while cruising at a heady rate of speed, you can rest assured that your cherished iPod-now skittling down the road-is safely contained within Pro Armor's robust ProVault case. Precision-machined from 6061 billet aluminum and polished to a luxurious finish, the $69.95 ProVault is one attractive piece of protection. A unique slide and lock system requires no tools to open and close, and maintains the case's structural integrity in the event of impact or crushing forces. Mounting systems are available for a diverse range of vehicles.

Dowco Fastrax Sport & Adventure luggage
Renowned as a boat and bike cover manufacturer for more than 80 years, Dowco now offers a line of universal soft luggage that includes these $179.99 Fastrax saddlebags. Decades of experience have gone into creating a top-notch luggage system with loads of extras, covered by a lifetime warranty. Features include 1680-denier polyester construction, weather-sealed zippers with lockable tabs, sewn-in rain hoods, adjustable heat shielding, 4 inches of adjustable expansion, external storage pockets, an audio/electronic port and color-matched inserts. Used in conjunction with Dowco's equally well-made tail and tank bags, any machine can be equipped for touring duty in no time.