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Paddock Boots

Joe Rocket Big Bang Boots

Are astrophysicists correct about the origin of the universe? Who knows? What we do know is that Joe Rocket is staying on top of the evolution of motorcycle footwear with its Big Bang Boots. Whether you're riding to the lab or exploring your universe, these boots' leather construction, with padded ankles, molded-plastic side-impact areas and a reinforced shift pad, will give your feet pod-like protection. Adjustable ankle straps keep everything comfy-cozy. The BBBs are available in black in men's sizes 5-13 for $99.99.

Sidi Doha

What's a Doha? Is he a lesser-known Dalai Lama?No, it's the capital city of Qatar, and home to one of MotoGP's newest venues. No less state-of-the-art, Sidi's subtle-looking Doha boots are equipped with non-slip soles and insoles identical to those of the Italian firm's popular Vertigo roadrace boots. Reinforced toe guards, heel and toe cups and ankle protection give the boots long-lasting durability. Handy retention straps keep the laces tidy and reflective strips make you more visible at night. The Dohas are available in black only in men's sizes 5.5-13 for $130

Alpinestars One-O-One

If you're an all-day sport-tourer, casual street rider or just someone who likes a nice walkabout, you may want to consider Alpinestars' new One-O-One shoes. The uppers are made from lightweight synthetic leather with a perforated tongue and lateral venting that keep things cool, while the Gilly lacing system ties it all together for a custom fit. Reinforced heel plates offer impact protection, the slip-proof suede inner lining keeps your feet in place and the sticky soles keep the rubber side down. The One-O-Ones are available in black in men's sizes 6-9.5 for $109.95

Icon Field Armor Chukka

Icon's latest leather Chukka design is based on the Original Field Armor Boots, but shortened per popular demand. Aluminum mid-foot buckles, along with reinforced plastic heel and toe guards, keep your feet in place and out of trouble while the rubber shift pad makes for easy 12 o'clock operation. The Chukkas' breathable inserts mean they're comfortable enough for hardcore street riders on a hot day. They come in the obligatory black or a workboot-like wheat in men's sizes 6-14 for $115.

Bmw Sneaker 2
Not the prettiest crayon in the box, but no matter because the BMW Sneaker 2s are as versatile as they get. Made from high-quality nappa leather and suede, the ultra-light S2s are comfortable enough to walk in and safe enough to crash in. Reinforced heels, toes and ankles provide protection, while a rubber outer sole, vibration-damping mid-sole and adjustable-width lower laces are boons to comfort. Reflective heels keep you visible at night. The S2s are available at your local BMW dealer in black in European sizes 36-48 for $110.

Puma Flat 2

In case you haven't seen the ads, super-stylin' sneaker company Puma has entered the motorcycle boot market. The German firm's street offering, the Flat 2, is designed for urban riders, and features 360-degree ankle and toe protection courtesy of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) molds and inner foam inserts. The outsoles are derived from the 1000 Racing boots, with toe sliders for abrasion resistance. And no, you won't see the Jordan Suzuki team wearing them! The Flat 2s are available in black only in men's sizes 6-13 for $200.