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Motorcycle Racing At Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Bikes will return to the historic speedway for the first time in almost 100 years when the MotoGP circus arrives for the inaugural Indianapolis GP slated for September 12-14, 2008. Here are some other notable numerals regarding motorcycle racing at IMS.

98 Years since motorcycles last raced at Indy. The very first competition held at the track was a motorcycle race, on August 12, 1909. That was also the last motorcycle race held there (see photo), making next year's GP the venue's second-ever motorcycle race.

25 Distance in miles of that first motorcycle race, won by NSU-mounted Ed Lingenfelder, after number one-ranked factory Indian rider Jake de Rosier crashed out of the lead.

55.23 Lingenfelder's average speed, in mph.

210 The projected top speed in mph of a modern 800cc MotoGP bike on Indy's front straight, according to rider Kenny Roberts Jr., which would make IMS the fastest circuit on the MotoGP schedule.

2.605 Length in miles of Indy's existing road course, built in 2000, to host the U.S. Grand Prix Formula 1 event. The F1 event was cancelled for '08, making room for MotoGP.

2.601 Length in miles of the reconfigured, 16-turn road course that will be used for the MotoGP event, running counterclockwise instead of clockwise as the F1 cars did.

3.2 million Number of bricks used to pave the 2.5-mile speedway in 1909, inspiring the "Brickyard" nickname. The racing surface was originally crushed limestone and tar, but after several fatal crashes on this unstable surface, a decision was made to pave the track with bricks.

36 Width in inches of the strip of original bricks that remains in place at the start/finish line today.

400,000 Total spectator capacity of IMS, the highest-capacity sporting facility in the world.

80,000 Number of spectators present at the first Indy 500 in 1911.

150,000 Anticipated number of spectators over the course of the three-day Indianapolis GP.

$1 Price of admission to the first Indianapolis 500, held on May 30, 1911.

$75 Price of a three-day general admission pass to the Indianapolis GP, the cheapest ticketing option. Reserved seats range from $100-$150.