Motorcycle Gift Ideas for the Holidays

A selection of our favorite items from 2016 we think would make perfect gifts for the motorcyclist in your life!

Motorcycle, Holiday, Gift Guide, Gear
Motorcyclist's 2016 Holiday Gift GuidePhoto: Motorcyclist

With the holiday season already upon us, scrambling to find that perfect last-minute gift for your favorite motorcyclist can be challenging. Luckily we're here to help with some of our favorite gear from 2016 that we think would be a welcomed addition to any moto-collection!

Alpinestars, pants, Charlie
Alpinestars Oscar Charlie Pants $259.95©Motorcyclist

Add some durability and a level of safety to your daily commute with the Oscar pants from Alpinestars. Featuring heavy denim material with built-in elasticity and twin-stitched seams, the Oscar pants are sure to out-perform those flashy designer jeans been wearing in the event of a crash.

BikeMaster, tool kit, gear
BikeMaster 17-Piece Tool Kit $65.95©Motorcyclist

Tool rolls are a great addition to any motorcyclist’s ride, and in the unfortunate situation that you may find yourself needing them, it’s always nice to have well-organized, quality components you can trust. BikeMaster’s 17-Piece Tool Kit includes six open-end wrenches, a combo wrench, and adjustable wrench, locking pliers, a 6-in-1 screwdriver, a 10-piece metric hex-key set, a flashlight, and a three-way spark-plug socket. A pencil-type tire-pressure gauge and a spark-plug gapping tool are also included. It all comes in a sturdy tool bag.

Motul, Wash and Wax, Spray
Motul Wash and Wax Spray $8.95Photo: Brody Cox

While bug guts and road dust are almost badges of honor on a motorcycle, we’re pretty sure you’d prefer the nice, glossy sheen of a well-cleaned machine (say that five times fast.) Help preserve that showroom-esque finish with Motul’s Wash and Wax Spray, which adds a thin protective that protects your fairings against the elements.

Joe Rocket, Manta XL, tank bag
Joe Rocket Manta XL Tank Bag On sale for $76.95©Motorcyclist

A larger version of the popular Manta magnetic tank bag, Joe Rocket’s Manta XL offers the same sleek styling with some additional space. It features a pocket for your phone, a hidden rain cover, a belt-buckle guard and reflective piping.

Bell helmets, Moto 3, gear
Bell Moto 3 Helmet $349.95Photo: Julia LaPalme

If Bell's Moto 3 helmet looks like it's straight out of the seventies, well, that's because it (almost) is. Bell's new version of the Moto 3 helmet has all the styling cues of the original while offering modern construction and adequate protection. It's available in a few eye-catching different graphics and colors and is perfect for the retro-racer. We'd recommend you snag some goggles though!

XS-2XL, 7 designs, Buy Now for $350

Bully Locks, Billet Steel Disc Lock, gear
Bully Locks Billet Steel Disc Lock Alarm $59.95Photo: Motorcyclist

Having your motorcycle stolen sucks! Arm yourself against the thieves with the Billet Steel Disc Lock Alarm from Bully Locks. The unit includes a 110dB alarm and a motion sensor built right into the lock. The electronics are sealed against moisture, and a keyhole cover protects against the dust and dirt. The body is milled from billet steel and comes with a hardened 8mm steel pin.

Nelson-Rigg, Compression Bags, gear
Nelson-Rigg Compression Bags $19.95©Motorcyclist

Storage room is exceptionally valuable when touring by motorcycle, and these compression bags from Nelson-Rigg (available in three different sizes) allow you to squeeze as many soft items as fit in the bag down to a smaller, space-efficient package. Definitely better than opening your pannier after a long ride and having all your jumbled clothing fall out into the mud (yeah, doesn't sound fun to us either.) 3 sizes, $12.95-$19.95
Buy now for $19.95

Kriega, R20, Backpack, gear
Kriega R20 Backpack©Motorcyclist

Kriega is a well-known manufacturer of quality packs, and their R20 is no different. Made of Scholler Dynatech and 420 denier ripstop nylon, the pack comes with a size-adjustable harness that lets you move it up or down for the best fit. There's also an optional 3-liter hydration reservoir, and option to add Drypacks, and an optional back-protector insert. ($149.00,

Honda, CRF50, motorcycles
Honda CRF50Photo: Jeff Allen

Honda's absolutely bulletproof CRF50 is a great option for those who want to introduce their children to motorcycling. With a three-speed, clutchless transmission, front and rear suspension, kickstarter and 10-inch rims, it's a great first stepping stone into the vast world of motorcycles. It's even become popular among adults, with aftermarket parts available to help convince us that we still fit on them (Try to tell me I don't.) ($1,399,

Club Eaglerider, Membership, Motorcycles
Club Eaglerider Membership©Motorcyclist

Club Eaglerider is a membership program that gives users easy access to a fleet of 4,000+ motorcycles and dozens of North American cities and road-trip routes. At only $29 per month, they offer everything from hour-long riders around major cities to two-week adventures across the country. They have many different makes and models of bikes, and you can choose between guided and non-guided tours. ($29/month,

Kershaw, Fatback, knife, gear
Kershaw Fatback available now for $23.56©Motorcyclist

Kershaw offers quality knives for great prices, and that's well apparent when you hold the Fatback knife in your hand. From its sleek, black oxide coating to its drop-point steel blade, Kershaw's Fatback knife is there if you need it during your next motorcycle adventure.
Normally $39.99 - available now for $23.56

Giant Loop, Lift Strap, gear
Giant Loop Lift Strap©Motorcyclist

Getting stuck on a motorcycle off-road can be a total pain – exacerbated by the fact that your buddy is yelling at you to "just go for it" while he frantically tugs at your handlebars. Trade that ham-fisted approach for sensibility with Giant Loop's Lift strap. The strap attaches to the fork tubes of most any adventure bike and provides a strong and secure anchor point for towing. It can also be affixed to the tail of your bike as well, providing a sturdy grab handle. Made out of durable nylon webbing, Giant Loop's Lift Strap is a great and inexpensive addition to any adventure rider's stable. ($9.99 - $38.99,

Alpinestars, Faster, Shoes, Gear
Alpinestars Faster Waterproof Shoe On sale for $131.94©Motorcyclist

The Faster shoe from Alpinestars has an upper made of lightweight, durable, and abrasion-resistant microfiber. The closure uses laces and an adjustable Velcro strap across the lower shin. The sole has good grip, and the midsole on the heel has an integrated steel shank. An external toe slider and ankle guard provide extra protection. 6-14, five colors, Normally $179.95

Motion Pro, Cable Luber, Gear
Motion Pro Cable Luber $8.99©Motorcyclist

Free up those frustratingly stiff cables with Motion Pro's new and improved Cable Luber! Motion Pro updated their popular design (the previous version debuted over 20 years ago) to be easier to use and totally encapsulates and seals the able end so that the lube goes straight into the sheath and nowhere else. ($19.99,

Alpinestars, SP-Z Performance Glove, Gear
Alpinestars SP-Z Performance Drystar Glove $149.95©Motorcyclist

A relatively new addition to Alpinestar's catalog, the SP-Z is a performance glove that combines sporty styling with features such as a hard knuckle protector and a full-grain leather chassis. With the addition of Drystar Performance technology, your hands will stay totally dry in the worst weather that nature decides to throw at you, all while providing excellent feel on the bike's controls.
Buy now for $149.95

BikeMaster, Liftstick, gear
BikeMaster Motorcycle Liftstick©Motorcyclist

If your motorcycle doesn't have a center stand, maintenance on the drive chain and sprocket can be pretty frustrating. BikeMaster aims to help with their Liftstick, which allows you to jack the rear tire off the ground using one side of your bike's swingarm as leverage. It features non-slip rubber boots that protect your swingarm and sharp base that digs into the ground which prevents slipping. Each Liftstick is powder coated for durability, and can easily be stowed in your luggage. ($29.95,