MotoChaser for Apple iPhone/iPod touch

With technology, the next best thing is always just around the corner. Two mega-pixel ... five mega-pixel ... 20 mega-pixel ... so I held out on purchasing an Apple iPod for as long as I could. But when the iPod touch (8 gig $229; 16 gig $299; 32 gig $399) dropped, I could wait no longer. It's basically an iPhone without the phone (or camera), but WiFi-ready and slim as a rail.

After downloading music and networking apps, I paid a mere 99 cents for MotoChaser. That's change in the couch cushions for Atari-quality graphics and unlimited play. It's one-player only, but that's why I downloaded Air-Hockey, too.

"Accelerometer" steering reacts by simply tilting the iPod, and is a real handful at first. We all know about the touch-screen: thumb for gas and no brakes. No shifting either. Three rider options: Khaki Brit, feisty redhead or Joe the racer, all on throaty V-Twin customs that run over and through anything in their path. So forgiving, a caveman could do it.

Learn the ropes in the first stage racing through old-growth forests before moving on to Desperado Gulch, where the desert landscape seems to go on forever. This is where you'll find competing racers who buzz around wreaking havoc. But that's OK, you can punch back. That's when things really get interesting. More environments reveal themselves as you master each level.

Music is up-tempo, with occasional scorching lead guitar, so crank up those ear buds or the built-in speaker. Waiting in line at Ralph's? The DMV? Jury Duty? Technology may save us after all.

MotoChaser for Apple iPhone/iPod touch
Price: $5.99 (though we paid $.99)

Contact: Apple

Verdict 3 stars out of 5
Bang for the buck-literally.