Monterey Classic Bike Auction

For Immediate Release

Just because the bidding soared past a half-million dollars for one bike at last year's Monterey Classic Bike Auction doesn't mean you need the net worth of a small country to win a beautiful piece of machinery at this year's MCBA.

"Every collector has to start somewhere," says Gavin Trippe, impresario of the MCBA event. "Our goal is to take the complexity and mystery out of bidding for - or auctioning off - a motorcycle with a respectable pedigree. So whether you're a veteran museum curator or just a bike lover who wants to look at a work of art every day, MCBA has something to offer."

As for owners who hope to hit a juicy number for one of their prized possessions, Trippe notes that even if they name a "reserve" (or minimum sale price), they can always waive it in the heat of the bidding if the price gets "close enough" and they want to avoid a regrettable "no sale". Historically, though, the most active bidding occurs on items with "no reserve", meaning they will absolutely be sold to the highest bidder.

"The `no reserve' bikes are where it really gets fun," says Trippe. "That's when everybody wins."

Trippe's advice to collectors, be they green or seasoned: peruse the 2006 inventory on the MCBA website, do a little research on the bikes you like, and determine a maximum price you're willing to bid. Then stick to your plan.

Even a wannabe collector has nothing to lose by registering as a bidder/buyer for this year's MCBA in a timely fashion: registration is free until June 23rd. Also, state-of-the-art "Simulcast Auction" software will again enable collectors who are unable to attend the auction in person to bid online from anywhere in the world in "real time" using only a personal computer and a broadband connection.

Registration forms for buyers and sellers are available now at . The website also offers extensive information about this year's auction, which takes place July 20-22 at the Portola Plaza Hotel in Monterey during MotoGP week at Laguna Seca.

For more information, please visit:

You could have started - or augmented - your bike collection for around $5K at the '05 MCBA with this sweet '75 Triumph T160.