Mexico City Motorcyclists Provide Aid After Earthquake

Delivering engineers, medics, groceries, and more by motorcycle to unreachable areas

Jose Luis (middle) with some of the riders helping with disaster relief in front of Custom Rock in Mexico CityJose Luis Anaya

"After September 19, things in Mexico changed upside down. We repeated an earthquake on the same date as the strongest earthquake in our history in 1985. Once again Mexico came together as one. People from all over jumped into the streets to help each other, to rescue people trapped under fallen buildings. Our chaotic city suddenly was taken by motorcycle crews, packs, MCs, small, medium, oversize, all types of bikes were moving doctors, rescue teams, water, architects to check damaged buildings, moving tools and everything. Sadness and happiness sharing the same moment. The smell of gas among us, flags, and songs—yelling at the same time, “MEXICO!!! MEXICO!!" Incredible that this disaster shakes our country in a positive way. I hope that this energy remains the longest time as possible, so let’s keep riding and, as I believe from the bottom of my heart, let’s clean our soul with the wind."

- Santo Anaya

Disasters have a way of bringing us all together. We saw it happen after Hurricane Harvey hit the US, and now we’re seeing it happen with our friends south of the border after the massive earthquake that just devastated Mexico City. With buildings collapsed and the roads that aren’t crumpled being jammed with bumper-to-bumper traffic, motorcycles have become one of the most reliable means of transportation through the city, but obviously not everyone has access to motorcycles or the skill required to ride them, especially through the sort of terrain the city has recently turned into.

Our pal Jose Luis and motorcyclists from all over the city and surrounding regions have been working ceaselessly to bring medics, engineers, food, and various aid to parts of the city where they’re needed but where access is nearly impossible due to broken roads or traffic. Groups of guys heading into the fray with cases of water and food loaded onto their bikes and an engineer on the back in a hard hat and all. Throwing themselves and their motorcycles into the danger zone to help out their compatriots without hesitation. Riding through Mexico City while intact was often enough of an adventure, I can only imagine riding through in its current state, let alone loaded to the nines like they have their bikes.

Loading up and rolling out to help those in needJose Luis Anaya

The earthquake may have been a week ago today (September 19, 2017), and while the needs have changed, they haven’t slowed down. Whether it’s providing medical aid like they did more directly after the event, or engineers certifying school and buildings as being structurally sound and safe to use again like they’re doing now, these guys are making a huge difference by doing what they can with what they have.

I know that right now, they’re looking for more riders to help with their mission, as well as donations to help with the groceries and supplies that they’re delivering.

To get involved locally, you can follow along with the @CustomRockAtelier instagram that Jose Luis runs, as that's how they are posting meeting points and what they need. To make a donation, please go to and have your donation multiplied five times.

Images from the relief effort

Riders ready to go throughout Mexico City and provide aidJose Luis Anaya
Riders ready to go throughout Mexico City and provide aidJose Luis Anaya
A couple of the riders helping out showing pride for their country!Jose Luis Anaya
Riders ready to go throughout Mexico City and provide aidJose Luis Anaya
Riders ready to go throughout Mexico City and provide aidJose Luis Anaya
Some tools strapped to the back of a bike to help clear rubbleJose Luis Anaya
Riders ready to go throughout Mexico City and provide aidJose Luis Anaya
Engineers and medics on the back of the riders' bikesJose Luis Anaya