Metzeler Interact Challenge: The Easy Choice for Your Riding Style

Metzeler challenges the press and customers to find more enjoyment from their riding styles using the Interact™ product range of radial motorcycle tyres

CARTAGENA(Spain), March 26-31, 2011 – Metzeler reinforces this week in Cartagena the performances of its premium Interact™ radial motorcycle tyres, a completely renovated line of tyres whose capabilities satisfy the needs of three motorcycle segments and even further enhance consumer riding styles with a final result of true riding enjoyment. The day-long event, termed the Metzeler Interact™ Challenge, is an opportunity for press and customers to perceive the benefits granted by Interact™ technology to motorcyclists as the easy choice. The new promise of Metzeler is not simply a tyre fitted to your motorcycle; it's a way to achieve pure riding enjoyment and maximum utility from the motorcycle, according to one's individual riding style.

Motorcyclists' choice of motorcycle is not simply based on a certain bike model's performance statistics or intended riding purpose, but also by its aesthetic preferences. Similar to our choice four-wheeled vehicles, this visual buying choice is influenced heavily by look and feel, followed by a search to increase its performance characteristics, usability, comfort and safety. Interact™ radial tyre range and its three diverse products cover many different motorcycle segments and are interchangeable (on most bike models, see TDB) for achieving riding enjoyment and diverse usage created by the relationship between motorcycle and riding style. Among most impactful aftermarket elements is that of** tyre choice**, whereby motorcyclists can quickly modify the performance characteristics/behaviour of the motorcycle.

Beyond simply its long heritage of quality German engineering, Metzeler has recently focused on integrating a ready-to-use technology into each of its products, evident with the extension of a patented 0° steel belt and associated Multi Zone Tension technology, with a specific setup inside the Racetec K3 Interact™, Sportec M5 Interact™ and the** Roadtec Z8 Interact**™ radial tyres to best match the compounds, overall grip, stability and mileage requirements of certain riding styles. Interact™ range provides a riding enjoyment while being comfortable, safe, innovative and functional.

With simplicity of its radial range, Metzeler's three premier products are the easy choice for coverage of eight well-defined riding styles/motorcycle usages: Sport, Sport-Urban and Urban-Touring using a sport bike, naked bike or a more touring-oriented bike, with some overlap depending on the trade off of mileage, comfort and safety with that of maximum stability at full lean, grip, and quickness of handling. Although Racetec K3 sees its strength in the Sport segment with a modern sport bike, new street ready compounds allow its capability to extend to 1000cc naked bikes for a quick steering response in mountain riding. The same concept applies for the Roadtec Z8 whose fitment on sport touring bikes is common, but when mounted to a modern sport bike, extends the bikes usage to include even long commutes under potentially rainy conditions with safety in the wet and extended mileage.

Working with specific compound elements like high silica content for wet grip and using a nano-scaledispersion of the compound allow for a high safety level even in high temperature or load stress.Metzeler Interact™ tyres are the safe choice also for their modified structural features like high-tension steel cord in the center for high-speed stability and comfort, along with the correct Greek-Pi inspired combination of tread grooves for reduction of aquaplaning (M5 and Z8) or slick-like feel (Racetec) at full lean on the track. Furthermore, Metzeler is researching the extension of its technologies for a sustainable urban mobility during the colder months provided by scooter and motorcycle usage, resulting in traffic reduction.

The Interact™ tyre range is also the popular choice, having had the Racetec K3 Interact™ chosen already as original equipment fitment on BMW's S1000RR, Aprilia's RSV4-R and the Triumph Speed Triple in both the 180 and 190 rear tyre sizes, the former of which won the MasterBike test in 2010. Sportec M5 Interact™ and its 5 zone tension setup is the perfect all-round Supersport tyre, currently fitted to the BMW F800R and Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport, providing a mix of comfort, mileage and ample grip demanded by the sport enthusiasts of today, some of whom ride event in the poorest of weather conditions. The Roadtec Z8 Interact™ recently saw its debut on the R1200R the much anticipated K1600 GT and GTL models, a critical choice of the Munich-based manufacturer for bikes ready dedicated to motorcyclist making long trips in comfort under a diversity of weather conditions.

Metzeler demonstrates through this challenging event in Spain involving nearly 50 members of the press, amateur pilots and customers that Interact™ tyres should be your choice, since it's your riding style that counts more than the type of motorcycle. All three premium products increase the enjoyment one can get from riding, by riding the way you want and thus making Metzeler one of the best riding partners of your travels. Metzeler's commitment to continuous innovation along with improvements in performance and usability helps make its tyres truly dependable performance motorcycle accessories. As the two wheels specialist and with every bit of passion for motorcycling as its very customers, Metzeler continues actively promoting road safety as part of its commitment to the European Road Safety Charter and its dedication to deliver aftermarket tyres based on direct consumer requests.

For more information on Metzeler's Interact™ radial motorcycle tyres including the** Racetec K3 Interact™, **Sportec M5 Interact™ and Roadtec Z8 Interact™, please visit our website at: