MC Tested : Team Suzuki Book

You can tell a good reference book by how dog-eared it becomes over the years, and my original copy of Ray Battersby's Team Suzuki: A Definitive Analysis of the Factory Roadracing Motorcycles, first published in 1982, has seen better days. The 240-page tome is is a very readable model-by-model, year-by-year account of Suzuki's roadracing involvement, from the so-called Diamond Free 60cc model that won its class in the 1953 Mount Fuji hillclimb to Marco Luchinelli's 1981 world championship-winning RG500 square-four two-stroke.

Although the original edition of Team Suzuki sold out fast, it was never reprinted. That makes Parker House Publishing's decision to resurrect the title now all the more welcome, since in the meantime it's become the standard reference book for Suzuki roadracing fans, collectors and restorers

"It's the most comprehensive and authoritative book on the motorcycles and people who made Suzuki," declares Pat Hennen, a factory racer in the late '70s and the first American to win a Grand Prix.

Sadly Team Suzuki has not been updated, and it's a little frustrating that Battersby didn't add a section seeing out the end of the RG500 family or the advent of the RGV500 V-four. But the few errors in the original have been corrected, and this is otherwise a complete reprint of what is unquestionably the finest racing history yet written for any marque.

Team Suzuki Book
Price: $48.95

Contact: Team Suzuki

Verdict 4.5 stars out of 5
A long overdue reprint of the classic marque history, lacking only a follow-up through the remainder of the '80's.