MC Tested: Suomy Spec 1R Motorcycle Helmet

Is this helmet heaven for motorcyclists with round heads?

The Suomy Spec 1R is a high-quality, nicely finished helmet with abundant features, including a removable, washable liner and full venting.

Sizing runs on the snug side -- a better match for round heads than long ovals -- and that firm liner takes three or four rides to break in. After that, the Spec 1R feels custom-molded to your head.

Effective ventilation comes at the expense of some extra wind noise. At speed, earplugs are a must. And while the chin vent adjusts to three positions, the top vents cannot be adjusted or closed, making for a chilly ride on a cold winter's day. Still, abundant airflow prevents fogging, even in the cold and damp.

The Spec 1R comes in a variety of colors and replica styles and retails for $399.95 for solids, $499.95 for replicas.

_ --Steve Moonitz _

Price: $399.95 - $499.95
Verdict: Cool form, fine function

Suomy USA
(800) 524-9938