MC Tested: Spidi Scorpion Boots And Slime Smartspair Sealant Kit

Sidi Scorpion Boots

I've worn these Sidi Scorpion boots a lot over the previous six months and am pretty pleased with them. They're sturdily built, a lot more protective than you'd think and certainly a lot more so than a pair of trainers. That's why I like 'em as much as anything; they offer reasonable protection and you can wear 'em around the office without the clump-clump-clump of regular bike boots and minus the ensuing chafes and blisters. Having said that, they do tend to nip me ankles a bit toward the end of a long day's hoofing.

The size range is from men's 5.5-14.5, and I'd recommend you try before you buy as the Italians do tend toward skinny on the fit. Because the upper is Lorica (not leather), there's not a whole lot of give to, er, come, so if in doubt go up a size. I didn't and think that's why I suffer occasionally.

Only thing is for 2007 Sidi has punched the Scorpion's upper full of holes to create the Scorpion Air. At least the extra ventilation will let the water out as well as in.

Sidi Scorpion boots
Price: $170
Contact: Motonation

Slime SmartSpair Sealant/Inflator Kit

It's one thing to discover your bike has a flat in your garage. It's quite another to get one on the road, especially when you're far from home.

You can bring along CO2 cartridges and a plug kit-and hope they work. Or you can plunk down $40 for a Slime SmartSpair Seal & Inflator kit and forget all the hassle.

Basically, the kit includes everything you need to repair a nail- or screw-inflicted flat on the road in minutes, and have it last long enough to get you to a shop to have the tire professionally repaired or replaced. Included in the handy carrying case is a bottle of Slime tire sealant, a compact compressor about as big as your hand, a tire-pressure gauge, plus all the necessary wiring and hookups for both battery- and cigarette-lighter powerage.

The kit works exactly as advertised. First, pull the valve core. Then, install the correct amount of sealant and reinstall the valve core. And finally, plug in and run the compressor for about 8 minutes-which is exactly how long it took to fill the rear tire of our R1 testbike. The only down- side (aside from the eventual gooey mess when the tire is removed) is that the kit's a bit bulky, making it impossible to stow under the seat of a sportbike. Make room, though, and once you've fixed a flat on the road, you'll be glad you packed it.

Slime SmartSpair Sealant/Inflator Kit
Price: $39.99
Contact: Slime