MC Tested: Motion Pro Enduro License Plate Mount and Light

A durable rubber license plate mount for your scrambler or enduro.

Motion Pro Tailplate
A retro license-plate mount for your retro ride. Motion Pro’s rubber bracket is a modern version of a classic setup that was popular in the ‘60s and ‘70s.Photo: Brody Cox

License plate brackets are inherently ugly, there's no way around it. After taking so much time to ensure that your period-correct masterpiece comes together just as you envisioned it in your head, you realize that the license plate hanging from your shock mount isn't helping the overall picture. There's no way to dance around the obvious eyesore that taints your otherwise alluring ride, but luckily Motion Pro offers a rather unique solution.

Based off an existing design that was prevalent when desert sleds of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s first began blazing trails and punishing sand dunes, Motion Pro’s own enduro Tailplate offers a sturdy and durable place to mount your license plate. Made in the USA out of thick rubber, this plate mount soaks up vibrations that would normally dislodge well-intentioned bulbs and other hardware. This version also includes 12-volt tail- and brake-light that doubles as a plate light, and is DOT-approved in all 50 states.

Wiring is included, though some level of electrical prowess is needed as you will have to identify the proper leads from your existing wiring harness using a wiring diagram specific to your model. The plate mount also requires mounting holes to be drilled into the fender, and you’ll have to source your own mounting hardware since the kit doesn’t come with any.

I’ve given this plate mount miles and miles of tough abuse, everything from sand washes outside Barstow to dirt tracks in Del Mar. I love the way it looks on my vintage ride, and while I’m happy to report that the setup has held up fine, I did have to resolder the ground lead to the bulb after it broke, presumably due to vibration.

Overall, I’d say this plate mount as a unique and different (not to mention legal) approach to displaying your license plate. It’s versatile, durable, and should look at home on any dual-sports rear fender.

Motion Pro D.O.T. Enduro Tailplate and Light
PRICE: $47.00
VERDICT: While wiring your own tail light may be daunting for the casual motorcyclist, Motion Pro'a Rubber Tailplate is still one of the most durable yet elegant solutions for the cost.