MC Tested: Furious Guerilla Textile Jacket

A furious guerilla sounds like the last thing you'd want close to your chest, but the Guerilla jacket from Furious is actually an amenable, comfortable companion. Look beyond its edgy, urban style and you'll see that it's packed with a surprising array of features not typically found in a $130, entry-level garment. The Polytex shell is robust yet flexible, and holds quality hard-shelled armor at the shoulders and elbows, a back protector pocket, pants attachment, waterproof liner and a removable thermal insert.

All the standard pockets are present, plus a pouch at the lower back that's great for that removable insert, siphon hose or contraband copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook. Reflective piping across the back, shoulders and chest add night-time conspicuity, and vents at the collar and back work well to channel air on hot days. While the pockets and vents are functional, they're not convenient--the zipper pull-tabs are miniscule, necessitating a gloveless hand to access or adjust anything.

Bargain-priced jackets aren't known for their wet-weather capabilities, but the waterproof liner--made of rubberized polyester similar to the top-dollar outfits you see at outdoors stores--is legitimately waterproof, and the main zipper boasts two overlapping weather flaps and full-length hook-and-loop closure.

If you're on a budget or don't dig dropping a ton of money on gear, the Furious Guerilla offers a lot of compensation for the coin.

Furious Guerilla Textile Jacket
Price: $129.99
Contact: Komodo Gear

Verdict 4 stars out of 5
High-dollar features and quality at an affordable price.