MC Tested: Dainese Ignition Gloves

Let's get right to the point: Are Dainese's Ignition gloves worth their exorbitant $269 price tag? Yes. They offer the best in protection, comfort and quality.

The Ignition gloves have a plethora of safety features, the most noticeable being the stainless steel armor. We've tested gloves with similar features (and similar price tags) that failed the comfort test, causing bruising around the knuckles on long rides. While the Ignitions have all the protection of full-on racing gloves, they're as comfortable as well-tailored touring gloves.

Made from cowhide and lined with moisture-wicking polyester, these gloves have the best feel of any we've tested. The double-layer leather and padding in the palm is robust, but supple enough that it doesn't impede control sensitivity. Even though there is a full array of composite and metal armor protecting the knuckles and the back of the hand, finger and wrist dexterity is entirely unrestricted.

We've put nearly 10,000 miles and two sweltering Southern California summers on these gloves, and aside from the leather fading from white to gray, there is no degradation to report. Aside from their high price, the Ignitions' only drawback is the high standard they set. Because you'll never be able to settle for less.

Dainese Ignition Gloves
Price: $269

Contact: Dainese

Verdict 4.5 stars out of 5
Expensive, and worth every cent.