Mark Gardiner's Book 'Riding Man' is Now Available for Kindle

The First Edition of Mark Gardiner's book Riding Man sold out at about the same time that his 'Megaphone' column appeared in the latest Motorcyclist, outing producer Mark Clayman's desire to see a feature film version of Gardiner's story.

"I'm working on a second printing," Gardiner tells us, "but the thing with that 'old media' is, the lead times are measured in weeks or months. In the last couple of weeks, I've seen two copies change hands between private sellers and buyers for $50 and $75. If I see copies going for over $100, I'm going to insist that my mom give me her copy back, and I'll sell it myself."

New media to the rescue! Readers with a Kindle or an iPad can download Riding Man now, for $9.99.

Readers who want to get on the waiting list for the next printing can sign up on Mark's blog here:

Peter Riddihough's documentary film, One Man's Island, is also still available at:

Mark also tells us that he hopes to have an audio-book version available in time for the summer travel season.

So far, there's no report on the story's feature film fate. "Clayman's last film was 'The Pursuit of Happyness,' which starred Will Smith, so I guess if that comes together I'll need lots more books" says Mark, adding "but writers say, 'Hollywood is the land of the slow no,' so I suppose that rather than wait for a version of my story to come out in which I'm younger, faster, and lap at far higher speeds, I'll reprint the true story and let people read an old, slow guy's account of racing in the TT!"