Macna Chameleon Jacket | MC Tested

The folks over at the Dutch apparel company Macna are doing something completely different. They call it “Twin Shell” construction: The idea is to provide rain protection via a textile shell that slides over a leather jacket—exactly the opposite of a conventional internal waterproof liner.

The Twin Shell feature is just one aspect of Macna’s new Chameleon jacket. It worked quickly to transform the garment from windproof and warm when it was cold to vented when the temperature heated up. It rarely rains here in SoCal so we didn’t get to test waterproof-ness, but the laminated shell seems effective.

The Chameleon transforms with six hook-and-loop straps. The weatherproof skin slips off and folds up to about the size of a sweatshirt, leaving you with a nicely finished jacket made of soft 1.3mm leather with CE-approved armor, spandex panels in non-impact areas and zippered vents on the forearms.

While the Chameleon opened our eyes to what a motorcycle jacket could be, it’s still teething. For example, the cuff uses a clever cinch system that allows wrist-circumference adjustment regardless of the shell being attached or not. However, because there are two sleeves involved in each cuff it’s a little cumbersome.

Sizing is available S-XXXL, although being a Euro company, Macna’s distributor suggests ordering a size up. The Macna's Twin Shell concept has merit—offering a unique form of flexibility and the potential to be truly waterproof—and the good news is that all of the jacket’s problems seem like easy fixes.

### Macna Chameleon Jacket
PRICE: $649.99
Contact: Twisted Throttle
Verdict: 4 stars
A brilliant idea, but it needs further refinement.