Low-Cost Motorcycling - Cheap Thrills

Low-Cost Motorcycling Doesn't Have To Be Dull

Motorcycling has always been a good value.

For the money, almost regardless of what you buy, motorcycles give you an unparalleled transportational experience. In what other field do youget true low-budget high performance and an uncomplicated attachment to the elements? (Sure, you can get sunburned and wind-tossed in your convertible, but if you switch on the air-conditioning you've already missed the point.) This plus the utility of a small, maneuverable machine (Why do you think couriers ride bikes in the most gridlocked cities in the world?), low fuel costs and the ability to park pretty much anywhere you want.

As always, there's an entry point into motorcycling to fit many budgets. Take, for example, the four cheapest four-stroke streetbikes you can buy-a quartet of scoots for about $3000. Let us show you the least expensive gear that's not junk and tell you how to shop for bikes and insurance intelligently. For literbike performance on a middleweight paycheck, paw over Suzuki's new-for-2001 Bandit 1200S.

Value is a highly personal thing, but we think motorcycling offers more of it than any vehicular pursuit on any number of wheels. As much as we like spending someone else's money, we're even more excited about doing more (riding) with less (cash). Come see.