Long Way Down - The Big Screen Version!

They say everything is bigger in the United States of America and as far as the Long Way Down franchise is concerned, those in the 'land of opportunity' are being treated to an especially large slice of McGregor and Boorman pie on Thursday July 31st. A special two-hour 'Director's Cut' of Long Way Down will air just once at 7.30pm in 400 movie theaters nationwide.

American audiences have yet to see the Long Way Down series on television and this exclusive director's cut is a unique prelude to the 10-part TV series, which starts on 2 August on Fox Reality Channel. Airing for one night only, attending the two-hour special will be the only way the public are able to see this film on the big screen. Consequently, demand for tickets (which go on sale June 27th) is expected to be extremely high.

It was the original Long Way Round odyssey in 2004 that helped bring the BMW R 1150 GS Adventure and the possibilities of adventure travel to the masses. The series also catapulted Charley Boorman to fame and did no harm to Ewan McGregor's reputation either. The established movie star's dream of traversing Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the USA with his best mate became a worldwide hit and inspired countless riders to leave the safety of their daily existences for life on the road.

Fast-forward a couple of years and talk started about a new adventure for the boys - on BMW's new R 1200 GS Adventure. But what could be better than riding from London to New York the Long Way Round? How about a 15,535 mile journey starting at John O'Groats, Scotland and finishing several months later at the most southern point of South Africa - Cape Agulhas? Taking in 20 spectacular countries in total, Ewan and Charley's long and arduous journey took them across Libya, through the deserts of Sudan, the tribal wastelands of Ethiopia, the jungles of Uganda, through Rwanda, Tanzania and Botswana before arriving at their destination.

The television series is currently airing in many countries all over the world on the National Geographic channel, and all will be revealed to American audiences nationwide when the two-hour High-Definition movie premiere begins at 7.30pm on July 31st all over the USA.

BMW Motorrad dealers are expected to encourage all their customers to pack out each movie theater with BMW fans, as well as organizing ride-outs to many of the local theaters. With such a great branding opportunity, expect to see GS displays in lots of theatres, as well as dedicated BMW motorcycle parking provided outside.

Tickets go on sale June 27th and are only $10, so if you know that you will be in the United States on this day - for business or pleasure - make sure you visit to find out where the nearest movie theater showing the film is.

Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman out in Africa with Ewan's R 1200 GS Adventure.
and Charley at the Leptis Magna ruins in Libya.
Everywhere the boys stopped, a crowd would gather.