The List 2004

110 Londonderry Court suite 130
Woodstock, GA 30188

|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |* RSV Mille Factory|$17,899|l-c 8v 998 V-twin|6/chain|408|31.2|Top-drawer Mille gets Öhlins suspension and radial-mount brake| |* RSV Mille R|$13,999|l-c 8v 998 V-twin|6/chain|408|31.2|Totally new Mille with fresh frame, aggressive styling, even more attitude| |RST1000 Futura|$12,999|l-c 8v 998 V-twin|6/chain|462|32.3|No mechanical changes for this angular, effective sport-tourer| |RSV Tuono|$11,999|l-c 8v 998 V-twin|6/chain|404|32.3|The Ultimate Naked. Limited-number, tricked-out Racing version available| |ETV1000 Caponord|$10,999|l-c 8v 998 V-twin|6/chain|474|32.3|Big-boned semi-off-roader continues into '04 with no major changes| |SL1000 Falco|$10,999|l-c 8v 998 V-twin|6/chain|418|32.1|Falco continues without the R suffix. A fine bike overshadowed by the Tuono| BMW
300 Chestnut Ridge Road
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677

|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |K1200GT|$17,990|l-c 16v 1171 inline-four|6/shaft|638|31.1|New last year, the GT is incredibly well equipped, including hard bags, ABS| |K1200LT |$16,990|l-c 16v 1171 inline-four|5/shaft|796|30.3|Three versions (still): Base, Custom ($19,800) and Exodus ($22,500)| |K1200RS|$16,990|l-c 16v 1171 inline-four|6/shaft|614|30.3|Same-same for '04, the K retains 130-hp "flying brick" engine, taste for speed| |R1150RT|$16,290|a/o-c 8v 1130 opposed-twin|6/shaft|592|30.7|Unchanged except for a limited number coming in Night Black for $600 more| |R1200CL|$15,990|a/o-c 8v 1170 opposed-twin|6/shaft|672|29.4|No changes for the bug-eyed CL. CLC version ($500 more) includes radio| |R1150RS|$15,490|a/o-c 8v 1130 opposed-twin|6/shaft|515|30.5|Original Oilhead stays the course unchanged for 2004; Integral ABS standard| |R1150GS Adventure|$15,200|a/o-c 8v 1130 opposed-twin|6/shaft|547|35.1|A massively butched-up GS with dirt tires; unchanged for '04| |R1200C Phoenix|$15,100|a/o-c 8v 1170 opposed-twin|5/shaft|552|29.1|High-end Phoenix receives Twin Spark engine and EVO brakes with std. ABS| |* R1200C Montauk|$14,990|a/o-c 8v 1170 opposed-twin|5/shaft|540|29.1|New version of R12C family uses R1200CL front end, small windscreen| |R1200C Classic|$14,590|a/o-c 8v 1170 opposed-twin|5/shaft|543|29.1|Basic cruiser could be V-Rod's cousin? Gains EVO brakes and Twin Spark| |R1150GS |$14,500|a/o-c 8v 1130 opposed-twin|6/shaft|544|33.1|Decontented GS Sport dropped. Basic GS unchanged this year. A great bike| |* R1150R Edition 80|$13,900|a/o-c 8v 1130 opposed-twin|6/shaft|504|32.9|Limited-edition version of Rockster, with standard Integral ABS| |R1100S|$13,690|a/o-c 8v 1085 opposed-twin|6/shaft|507|31.5|Mechanically unchanged, new colors for '04 will have to do| |R1100S Boxer Cup Replika|$13,590|a/o-c 8v 1085 opposed-twin|6/shaft|487|31.5/32.0|300 to be imported; half with ABS and heated grips, half without| |R1100S Boxer Cup Prep|$13,590|a/o-c 8v 1085 opposed-twin|6/shaft|485|31.5|Intended to be raced, the Prep is a stripped-down R1100S. ABS is optional| |R1150R Rockster|$10,790|a/o-c 8v 1130 opposed-twin|6/shaft|488|32.9|Wicked Rockster sports wide bar, aggressive styling. ABS optional. We like| |R1150R|$9990|a/o-c 8v 1130 opposed-twin|6/shaft|498|30.3|Unchanged for '04 beyond Twin Spark engine. ABS is a $2200 option| |F650CS |$8690|l-c 4v 652 single|5/belt|389|30.0|Not officially an '04, sold in `03 spec through the Spring; new one coming| |F650GS|$8190|l-c 4v 652 single|5/chain|395|30.7|Also still in '03 spec. ABS is a $500 option; off-road Dakar version available| Buell
3700 West Juneau Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53201

|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |* Firebolt XB12R|$10,995 |a-c 4v 1203 V-twin|5/belt|395|30.5|Long-stroke version of XB9 engine pounds out more torque| |* Lightning XB12S|$10,995 |a-c 4v 1203 V-twin|5/belt|395|30.1|Same as Firebolt; original XL bore and stroke pump up grunt (some)| |Firebolt XB9R|$9995 |a-c 4v 984 V-twin|5/belt|385|30.5|No changes of note for smaller Firebolt. Battle Blue is the color| |Lightning XB9S|$9995 |a-c 4v 984 V-twin|5/belt|385|30.1|New-age naked with tiny ergos, too-radical geometry, not enough power | |Blast!|$4595|a-c 2v 492 single|5/belt|360|25.5/27.5|Entry-level basher hangs tough | Ducati North America
10443 Bandley drive
Cupertino, Ca 95014

|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |999S|$22,995|l-c 8v 998 V-twin|6/chain|439|30.7|Excepting the $32,000 999R, this is the hottest Ducati you can buy| |* 749R|$21,995|l-c 8v 749 V-twin|6/chain|439|30.7|Super-mega-hyper 749 with 116 hp and race-spec suspension. Tasty!| |999|$17,695|l-c 8v 998 V-twin|6/chain|439|30.7|Base-model 999 evocative, controversial, fast and reasonably comfortable| |ST4s/ABS|$14,995|l-c 8v 996 V-twin|6/chain|479|32.3|Bosch ABS adds $1000 and 11 pounds. New fairing shared with ST3| |* ST3|$11,995|l-c 6v 992 V-twin|6/chain|467|32.3|Replaces ST2 with three-valve-per-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine and new face| |749S|$14,795|l-c 8v 748 V-twin|6/chain|439|30.7|Up-spec version of new 749 has better suspension, same power as 749| |749|$13,495|l-c 8v 748 V-twin|6/chain|439|30.7|Baby 999 with 104 hp, in monoposto and biposto. New Dark is $1500 less| |* Monster S4R|$13,495|l-c 8v 996 V-twin|6/chain|425|31.5|Replacement for the S4 is a 996cc version with single-sided swingarm| |* Multistrada 1000 DS|$10,995|a-c 4v 992 V-twin|6/chain|441|33.5|Terblanche's bright idea: a rationalized sportbike/dual-sport crossover| |Monster 1000 DS|$10,995|a-c 4v 992 V-twin|6/chain|416|31.5|Two-plug engine is dreamy, may be the best Monster going| |Supersport 1000 DS|$10,995|a-c 4v 992 V-twin|6/chain|416|32.3|Dual-spark engine revitalizes moribund SS range; hlins shock is standard| |Supersport 800|$7995|a-c 4v 802 V-twin|6/chain|409|32.1|No more 800 Sport, Supersport 800 is more bike for Sport's dough; great deal| |Monster 800|$8695|a-c 4v 802 V-twin|6/chain|394|31.3|Midsize Monster unchanged for '04; Dark version dropped | |Monster 620|$6995|a-c 4v 618 V-twin|5/chain|389|30.3|Low seat, low price are main inducements to buy a 620; Dark is $6595| Harley-Davidson
3700 West Juneau Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53201

|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |Ultra Classic E-Glide|$19,595|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|788|30.7|Top-shelf tourer has everything but quick reflexes; new long-life tire for '04| |V-Rod|$17,695|l-c 8v 1130 V-twin|5/belt|596|27.1|New VRSCB model with black frame and silver/black engine; still powerful| |Road King Classic|$17,295|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|710|29.5|Special version of the Road King with hard-formed, leather-look saddlebags| |Road Glide|$17,295|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|731|28.4|Wicked new paint schemes for '04. Touring chassis, sleek frame-mount fairing| |Electra Glide Classic|$16,995|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|776|30.7|Big tourer with max customizing potential and all the soul you could want| |Heritage Softail Classic|$16,995|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|696|26.6|Arguably the classic-cruiser template; fairly refined thanks to TC88B engine| |Road King Custom|$16,995|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|721|26.1|Cool chrome nacelle leads the way for touring-family cruiser; bags included| |Softail Deuce|$16,795|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|645|28.3|Factory custom breaks the Milwaukee mold; one of our favorite Harleys| |Springer Softail|$16,495|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|653|27.5|Springer fork mated to sleeker styling than Heritage| |Road King|$16,395|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|723|30.7|It's good to be King. (A classic style still selling no one's surprise)| |Fat Boy|$16,245|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|666|26.4|In the land of bratwurst, fat is phat. Strong seller unchanged for '04. Imagine!| |Dyna Wide Glide|$15,995|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|639|27.8|A Willie G. favorite; 21-inch front wheel, apehangers| |Dyna Low Rider|$14,995|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|623|26.2|Built for the slight of inseam, choppy ride results| |Night Train|$14,995|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|630|26.7|Black and black on black. Haven't we seen this before?| |Electra Glide Std. |$14,695|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|758|30.7|Base-model tourer ready for customizing. Strong, smooth TC88 engine| |Dyna Super Glide Sport|$13,995|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|632|28.0|Taller legs, sporty ergos; a capable and fun Dyna| |Softail Standard|$13,695|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|629|28.4|The bike that launched a thousand customs remains vital in its sunset years| |Dyna Super Glide|$11,995|a-c 4v 1450 V-twin|5/belt|622|27.5|Lowest-cost TC88 Harley is the proverbial blank slate; go wild young man!| |* Sportster 1200|$8495|a-c 4v 1203 V-twin|5/belt|554|26.3|New rubber mounts and freshened styling; Custom and Roadster versions| |* Sportster 883|$6495|a-c 4v 883 V-twin|5/belt|555|26.3|No longer a vibey bottom-feeder; base 883 and Custom versions| Honda
1919 Torrance Boulevard
Torrance, CA 90501

|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |* Rune|$25,499|l-c 12v 1832 opposed-six|5/shaft|794|27.2|Outrageous super-custom built in limited quantities; this is a Honda?| |Gold Wing/ABS|$17,999|l-c 12v 1832 opposed-six|5/shaft|792|29.1|Massive but quick tourer should be past teething troubles; ABS adds $1000| |ST1300/ABS|$13,499|l-c 16v 1261 V-four|5/shaft|630|31.1|A stunning long-distance mount hounded by FJR13; ABS is $1000 more| |* VTX1800N|$13,399|l-c 6v 1795 V-twin|5/shaft|760|27.3|Rune-derived styling licks highlight this new VTX | |VTX1800 Retro Cast/Spoke|$13,099|l-c 6v 1795 V-twin|5/shaft|739|27.3|Two retro versions return for '04: cast wheel and spoke version for $200 more| |VTX1800C|$12,599|l-c 6v 1795 V-twin|5/shaft|705|27.3|Original VTX is still the best looking (we think)| |RC51|$11,599|l-c 8v 999 V-twin|6/chain|430|32.3|Updated in '03, Hayden-replica paint for

04. Last gasp for Honda's racing V-twin?| |* CBR1000RR|$10,999|l-c 16v 998 inline-four|6/chain|396|32.5|Honda's GSX-R1000 killer? Pulls tech from Rossi's winning MotoGP bike| |Interceptor|$9999|l-c 16v 781 V-four|6/chain|472|31.7|Two colors for'04, red and Asphalt (ick). ABS adds $1000| |* VTX1300C|$9199|l-c 6v 1312 V-twin|5/shaft|641|27.0|Midsize version of dragsterlike VTX1800C; nice and nimble| |VTX1300 Retro|$9199|l-c 6v 1312 V-twin|5/shaft|661|27.0|Follows path of VTX1800R with spoke wheels and deep fenders| |Super Hawk|$8999|l-c 8v 996 V-twin|6/chain|426|31.9|Nothing new mechanically; fresh paint. No replacement in sight (sigh)| |CBR600RR|$8599|l-c 16v 599 inline-four|6/chain|370|32.3|New in

03, this 600-class rocket remains sharp, slick and fast (but porky)| |Shadow Sabre|$8299|l-c 6v 1099 V-twin|5/shaft|573|27.2|Unchanged for

04--a Shadow for the hot-rod-inclined| |CBR600F4i|$8199|l-c 16v 599 inline-four|6/chain|370|31.7|New one-piece seat from Euro CBR should really improve the F4i| |919|$7999|l-c 16v 919 inline-four|6/chain|427|31.5|Another new color and preload/damping-adjustable fork. That's all for

04| |Shadow Spirit|$7999|l-c 6v 1099 V-twin|5/shaft|553|28.7|Still clacking along, this is pretty much the original VT1100 from '87| |* 599|$7099|l-c 16v 599 inline-four|6/chain|401|31.1|Rebadged Hornet 600 is much better than it should be; pricey, though| |* Shadow Aero|$6199|l-c 6v 745 V-twin|5/shaft|519|25.9|New little Shadow uses a shaft in place of the Spirit 750's chain. Oh, boy...| |XR650L|$5499|a-c 4v 644 single|5/chain|324|37.0|Air-cooled RFVC thumper continues unchanged for

04| |Shadow VLX|$4999|l-c 6v 583 V-twin|4/chain|452|25.6|Budget cruiser for the coupon clipper. Great entry-level bike| |Nighthawk|$3399|a-c 4v 234 vertical-twin|5/chain|287|29.3|A little something for Great Aunt Martha, yes?| |Rebel|$2999|a-c 4v 234 vertical-twin|5/chain|306|26.6|Miniature cruiser is well built but arthritic. New colors for

04| Kawasaki

9950 Jeronimo Road

Irvine, CA 92618


|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |* Vulcan 2000|$14,499|l-c 8v 2053 V-twin|5/shaft|750|27.2|Let the displacement wars begin! Kawasaki ups the ante to two liters...| |Vulcan 1500 Nomad|$12,999|l-c 8v 1470 V-twin|5/shaft|743|28.3|Touring Nomad remains unchanged for

04; fuel injected only| |Vulcan 1500 Drifter|$10,999|l-c 8v 1470 V-twin|5/shaft|670|28.7|Now that Indian's gone can we call this Indian-inspired? (Well, it is...)| |Vulcan Mean Streak|$10,999|l-c 8v 1552 V-twin|5/shaft|637|27.6|Upped displacement for

04, and a new twin brother (sister?) over at Suzuki| |ZX-12R|$10,999|l-c 16v 1198 inline-four|6/chain|463|31.9|Reinvigorated with dual-plate throttle bodies and radial-mount brakes| |* ZX-10R|$10,999|l-c 16v 998 inline-four|6/chain|375|32.5|No more Mr. Nice Guy. Deadly serious 10 has big moxie for a big job| |Vulcan 1600 Classic|$10,499|l-c 8v 1552 V-twin|5/shaft|675|26.8|Bored-out version of evergreen Vulcan, dropped $500 for

04| |ZZR1200|$10,499|l-c 16v 1164 inline-four|6/chain|528|31.5|No changes for the fast, comfortable, capable son of ZX11| |Vulcan 1500 Classic|$8999|l-c 8v 1552 V-twin|5/shaft|644|27.6|New 1600 version means a $1000 price drop for 1500 Classic; good deal!| |Z1000|$8499|l-c 16v 953 inline-four|6/chain|437|32.3|Minted last year, the only changes for

04 involve colors: red and green| |ZX-6RR|$8399|l-c 16v 599 inline-four|6/chain|355|32.5|Revised bore/stroke ratio to make the RR a better race weapon| |Concours|$8199|l-c 16v 997 inline-four|6/shaft|595|31.1|Aging sport-tourer still has fans. For '04, take any color you want if it's black| |ZX-6R|$7999|l-c 16v 636 inline-four|6/chain|355|32.5|In its sophomore year, 636cc smoker gets revised suspension rates--yay!| |ZRX1200R|$7899|l-c 16v 1164 inline-four|5/chain|492|31.1|Nothing major for ZRX, but no Lawson-replica paint job this year? Heresy!| |Vulcan 800 Drifter|$6999|l-c 8v 805 V-twin|5/chain|547|29.9|Double-dish fenders, ultra-retro looks; no changes for

04| |Vulcan 800 Classic|$6499|l-c 8v 805 V-twin|5/chain|516|27.8|Best looking of the non-Drifter 800s by far and dynamically competent| |ZZR600|$6499|l-c 16v 599 inline-four|6/chain|430|30.7|Elderly ZX-E rebadged a ZZR in '03; price dropped $500 for

04| |Vulcan 750|$6099|l-c 8v 749 V-twin|5/shaft|483|28.9|Well, they must sell a pile of these things...keeps '80s hairdo| |Vulcan 800|$5999|l-c 8v 805 V-twin|5/chain|496|28.0|Got that full-fendered look and a stout heart| |KLR650|$4999|l-c 4v 651 single|5/chain|337|35.0|Big-bore "killer" aged yet with undiminished popularity; right bike, right price| |Ninja 500R|$4799|l-c 8v 498 vertical-twin|6/chain|388|30.5|Only competition is Suzuki's newly clothed GS500F; $300 price drop for `04| |Vulcan 500 LTD|$4699|l-c 8v 498 vertical-twin|5/chain|439|28.1|Ninja 500R-powered cruiser in middle-of-the-road clothing| |KLR250|$3999|l-c 4v 249 single|6/chain|258|33.7|Little KLR lacks punch of 650 (no kidding!) but still good value| |Ninja 250R|$2999|l-c 8v 248 vertical-twin|6/chain|304|29.3|Tiny tot tempting tool for terrorizing townsfolk (still)| |Eliminator 125|$2499|a-c 2v 124 single|5/chain|282|26.8|Mini cruiser returns after one-year hiatus; not freeway legal| KTM

1119 Milan Avenue

Amherst, OH 44001


|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |950 Adventure/S|$12,498|l-c 8v 942 V-twin|6/chain|436|36.7|New V-twin powers this ber-trailie to amazing (performance) heights| |950 Adventure|$11,998|l-c 8v 942 V-twin|6/chain|436|36.7|Blessedly lower seat hight on non-S version will make it accessible to mortals| |LC4 Adventure|$N/A|l-c 4v 625 single|6/chain|340|35.4|Tall, expensive, take it anywhere| Moto Guzzi
109 smokehill lane suite 190
Woodstock, GA 30188

|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |* Breva 1100|$N/A|a-c 4v 1064 V-twin|5/shaft|N/A|N/A|Just-revealed Super Standard may make the `04 model year. Here's hoping!| |California EV Touring|$13,490|a-c 4v 1064 V-twin|5/shaft|573|30.7|Cruiser-based touring rig with bags and windshield| |California EV|$11,990|a-c 4v 1064 V-twin|5/shaft|553|29.5|Multiple versions: Aluminum, Titanium, EV and, for all we know, bubblegum| |V11 Le Mans/Rosso Corsa|$11,490|a-c 4v 1064 V-twin|6/shaft|498|31.5|Half-faired Le Mans in regular or Rosso Corsa ($13,990) models| |* V11 Sport Ballabio/Cafe Sport|$11,490|a-c 4v 1064 V-twin|6/shaft|487|31.5|Guzzi's Tuono. Ballabio is base model, Cafe Sport ($13,990) has hlins gear| |V11 Sport Naked|$10,990|a-c 4v 1064 V-twin|6/shaft|487|31.5|Naked, quirky, vibey...differs from the Ballabio/Cafe Sport by its clip-ons| |* California Stone Touring|$10,490|a-c 4v 1064 V-twin|5/shaft|542|29.9|New model may be called Touring Lite. Corporate Guzzi engine, natch| |California Stone|$9790|a-c 4v 1064 V-twin|5/shaft|542|29.9|Also lots of different versions, including Chrome, Metal and basic| |* Breva 750|$7790|a-c 4v 744 V-twin|5/shaft|401|29.0|Sweet handling, totally docile newbie machine; nicely built, too| |* Nevada 750|$7490|a-c 4v 744 V-twin|5/shaft|N/A|N/A|Based on the V7, the new Custom is the cruiser analog to the Breva| MZ
771 Fentress boulevard Suite 22
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |* 1000S|$N/A|l-c 8v 998 parallel-twin|6/chain|463|N/A|Sketchy info from MZ, but the 1000S is promised for `04. No, really| |Baghira Black Panther/Supermoto|$6295|l-c 4v 660 single|6/chain|345|34.5|Demi-dirtlets pack Yamaha-built thumper. Black Panther is, natch, black| |RT125/125SM|$2995/$3195|l-c 4v 124 single|6/chain|295/293|N/A /34.4|Traditionally styled RT and Motard-wannabe SM are cute, small, kinda rare| MV Agusta
2300 Maryland Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090

|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |* F4 Brutale Oro|$28,995|l-c 16v 750 inline-four|6/chain|423|31.1|Special-edition Brutale with just 300 units worldwide| |F4 SPR|$22,695|l-c 16v 750 inline-four|6/chain|423|31.1|Hopped-up version with race exhaust and more ponies; 300 units only| |F4S EVO3|$18,895|l-c 16v 750 inline-four|6/chain|414|31.1|Basic F4 received chassis and engine improvements for `03; 1+1 version, too| |* F4 Brutale S|$13,995|l-c 16v 750 inline-four|6/chain|423|31.1|Naked F4 is finally here. Strada version is hardly a stripper| Suzuki
3251 East Imperial Highway
Brea, CA 92821

|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |* Marauder 1600|$10,999|l-c 8v 1552 V-twin|5/shaft|637|27.6|Looks a lot like a Kawasaki Mean Streak with a bobbed fender to us| |GSX1300R Hayabusa|$10,899|l-c 16v 1299 inline-four|6/chain|478|31.7|Lord and master speed bike unchanged for

04...because it's still the King| |GSX-R1000|$10,599|l-c 16v 988 inline-four|6/chain|370|32.3|Although the competition is finally awake, Suzuki stands pat for

04| |Intruder 1500LC|$9999|a/o-c 6v 1462 V-twin|5/shaft|652|27.6|Huge cruiser not getting any prettier with passage of time| |* GSX-R750|$9549|l-c 16v 749 inline-four|6/chain|360|32.5|Who knew? We all thought the 750 class was dead. No one told Suzuki| |DL1000 V-Strom|$8999|l-c 8v 996 V-twin|6/chain|456|32.7|Modest price hike for this surprisingly versatile and popular dualie| |Intruder 1400|$8349|a/o-c 6v 1360 V-twin|5/shaft|535|28.9|Still looks good all these years later, but not on the same planet, dynamically| |* GSX-R600 |$8099|l-c 16v 599 inline-four|6/chain|359|32.5|Many, many tweaks, GSX-R1000-lookalike styling; promises much| |SV1000/S|$7999|l-c 8v 996 V-twin|6/chain|408|31.9|Nothing major for the big SVs, new last year. Dramatically angular styling| |Bandit 1200S|$7399|a/o-c 16v 1157 inline-four|5/chain|485|31.1|New colors for

04, slow-selling naked version dropped| |Katana 750|$7299|a/o-c 16v 749 inline-four|6/chain|465|31.1|Only you will understand why you've bought one. Your GSX-R friends won't| |* DL650 V-Strom|$6599|l-c 8v 645 V-twin|6/chain|417|32.3|Suzuki

Strom's the SV650. Should be (little) big fun on all roads| |Intruder Volusia|$6599|l-c 8v 805 V-twin|5/shaft|526|27.6|Midsize Intruder remade in more "traditional"idiom| |Intruder 800|$6399|l-c 8v 805 V-twin|5/shaft|443|27.6|Used to be a hot/cool 750. We were younger and cooler, too| |Katana 600|$6299|a/o-c 16v 599 inline-four|6/chain|458|30.9|Smaller jellybean, same flavor (vanilla)| |Marauder 800|$5999|l-c 8v 805 V-twin|5/chain|456|27.6|Hot-rod licks, uneven styling, good dynamics| |SV650/S|$5899|l-c 8v 645 V-twin|6/chain|364|31.7|Status quo for the fab little SV. Half-faired version costs $400 more| |DR650SE|$5499|a/o-c 4v 644 single|5/chain|324|34.8/33.0|Capable dual-purpose mount; more dirt worthy than KLR| |DR-Z400S|$4999|l-c 4v 398 single|5/chain|291|36.8|A real dirt bike with lights; worth the commitment| |* GS500F|$4999|a-c 4v 487vertical-twin|5/chain|397|31.1|Gone for a year, the GS500 is recast with GSX-R 1000 bodywork. Ooohhh...| |Savage|$4299|a-c 4v 652 single|5/belt|352|27.6|Savage, at the heart, is a pussycat; for beginners who like thumpers| |DR200SE|$3899|a-c 4v 199 single|5/chain|249|31.9|Cute, little dirtlet for campground carving| |GZ250|$2999|a-c 2v 249 single|5/chain|302|27.8|Nice-handling toy cruiser in need of ponies| Triumph

385 Walt Sanders Memorial Drive

Newnan, GA 30265


|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |Rocket III|$15,990|l-c 12v 2294 inline-three|5/shaft|704|29.1|Dropping the A bomb on the cruiser class. Bigger engine than a rental car's| |Tiger|$10,500|l-c 12v 955 inline-three|6/chain|474|33.1/33.8|Updated engine puts it in contention with R-GS| |Sprint ST|$10,300|l-c 12v 955 inline-three|6/chain|456|31.5|Unchanged and about to get its tail kicked by new STs; marginally cheaper| |Daytona 955i|$9999|l-c 12v 955 inline-three|6/chain|420|32.1|Pepped-up styling and $1700 price drop puts Daytona in the thick of it| |Speed Triple|$8890|l-c 12v 955 inline-three|6/chain|416|32.1|Down $2000 from `03. Buy one before Triumph comes to its senses| |Thunderbird Sport|$8499|l-c 12v 885 inline-three|6/chain|494|31.1|Sport, with better suspension and brakes, survives the base T-Bird| |Daytona 600|$7999|l-c 16v 599 inline-four|6/chain|363|32.1|New super 600 replaces troubled TT600. Still not quite in CBR/R6 territory| |Thruxton 900|$7999|a/o-c 8v 865 parallel-twin|5/chain|497|28.3|Punched-out Bonnie with better performance potential, lots of accessories| |Bonneville America/Speedmaster|$7899|a/o-c 8v 790 parallel-twin|5/chain|497|28.3|America and $600-more Speedmaster are alike under the skin| |Bonneville |$7499|a/o-c 8v 790 parallel-twin|5/chain|451|31.5|Big hit for Triumph, absolutely looks the part; and special T100 for $400 more| |Speed Four|$6499|l-c 16v 599 inline-four|6/chain|374|31.9|Naked TT600 is $1300 cheaper than last year. We like it even more | Victory
2100 Highway 55
Medina, MN 55340

|||||||| |---|---|---|---|---|---|---| |model|price|engine (note 1)|speeds final drive/|dry wt. (lb.)|seat height (in.)|verdict| |* Arlen Ness Signature|$19,999|a/o-c 8v 1507 V-twin|5/belt|620|26.5|Mega-custom from the pen of Ness (who, apparently, can do no wrong)| |Vegas|$15,349|a/o-c 8v 1507 V-twin|5/belt|620|26.5|Beautiful and competent, this is the bike that turned Victory around| |V92TC|$15,199|a/o-c 8v 1507 V-twin|5/belt|720|28.3|Touring Cruiser is what it says: bags, windshield and a new destination| |* Kingpin|$14,999|a/o-c 8v 1507 V-twin|5/belt|639|26.5|Traditionally styled cruiser with windshield; not as tour-y as the TC| Yamaha
6555 Katella Avenue
Cypress, Ca 90630

model price engine (note 1) speeds final drive/ dry wt. (lb.) seat height (in.) verdict
Royal Star Venture $16,399 l-c 16v 1294 V-four 5/shaft 807 29.5 No changes for `04. Midnight version in Black Onyx sells for $16,899
* Road Star Silverado $12,599 a-c 8v 1670 V-twin 5/belt 712 27.9 New big-inch engine for `04. Silverado makes bags and windscreen standard
Road Star Warrior $12,099 a-c 8v 1670 V-twin 5/belt 606 28.1 Revised ergonomics and two-piece saddle for `04; same bad-ass attitude
FJR1300/ABS $11,499 l-c 16v 1298 inline-four 5/shaft 537 32.2 Sold out in 03. Comes into04 with improved brakes, suspension, optional ABS
* Road Star $10,999 a-c 8v 1670 V-twin 5/belt 679 27.9 Warrior-style cubes for Yamaha's best-selling cruiser, and that can't be bad
V-Max $10,899 l-c 16v 1198 V-four 5/shaft 580 30.1 One more go-round for Mr. Max. Too tough to kill, too mean to die
* YZF-R1 $10,599 l-c 20v 998 inline-four 6/chain 379 32.8 Totally new and set to rumble with fresh CBR1000 and GSX-R. Expect sparks
V-Star 1100 Silverado $9399 a-c 4v 1063 V-twin 5/shaft 639 27.9 Silverado package adds semitouring goodies; no changes for `04
FZ1 $8499 l-c 20v 998 inline-four 6/chain 458 32.3 Nothing mechanically different, but new graphics for `04
V-Star 1100 Classic/Custom $8299 a-c 4v 1063 V-twin 5/shaft 600 27.9 Classic is traditional style, custom more it?
YZF-R6 $7999 l-c 16v 599 inline-four 6/chain 357 32.3 Revised exhaust canister for `04 and that's about it. What more do you want?
YZF600R $6999 l-c 16v 599 inline-four 6/chain 412 31.7 Unchanged for `04. Life will be harder for the fine YZF with the FZ6 around
V-Star Silverado $6899 a-c 4v 649 V-twin 5/shaft 544 27.9 Familiar Silverado package applied to the 650
* FZ6 $6499 l-c 16v 599 inline-four 6/chain 423 31.5 New R6-powered standard looking for a fight with Honda's 599
V-Star Classic/Custom $5899 a-c 4v 649 V-twin 5/shaft 505 28.0 Inexpensive but not cheap, a fine entry-level cruiser
XT225 $3999 a-c 4v 223 single 6/chain 238 31.9 Easygoing little scoot is more than enough for most folks
TW200 $3599 a-c 2v 198 single 5/chain 260 31.1 Nothing new for this family-style trail bike--since, like, forever
Virago 250 $3399 a-c 4v 249 V-twin 5/chain 302 27.0 Docile, forgiving, small yet still a hoot (if you're in the right frame of mind)