Lightning Strike Motor And Ride Position Teased In New Photos

Lightning Motorcycles keeps the anticipation growing

lightning strike motor
Capable of reaching 150 mph and going 150 miles on a 35-minute DC charge.Lightning Motorcycles

Lightning Motorcycles continues to tease out portions of its new Lightning Strike electric bike, showing us the ride position of the forthcoming machine, as well as a close-up shot of the new motor.

Starting with the ride position, Lightning makes clear that the new Strike won't be as dramatic ergonomically as its LS-218 superbike. Rather, riders will be more upright in a more relaxed position. Foot controls are still back from center and there's a definite cant forward in the torso, but it's aiming to appeal to more than just track riders with its triangle.

The motor is an interesting tease as well, showing the left cover and a portion of the swingarm and rear suspension. The setup seems to mimic the design of the LS-218, and the yellow coils indicate some Öhlins kit, likely the TTX 36 shock used on the brand’s superbike.

lightning strike rider position
You can see a much more relaxed rider triangle on the Strike than on Lightning’s LS-218 superbike.Lightning Motorcycles

Lightning indicates the motor is liquid-cooled and can achieve its 150-mile range and 150-mph performance figures on a 35-minute DC charge.

The official release of the Lightning Strike is scheduled for March of this year. Following the initial tease of the impending release in January, Lightning opened up motorcycle reservations for customers in the US. That was also when we learned there would be two versions of the Strike coming to market, a fully kitted Strike Carbon and a baseline Strike, which has an MSRP of $12,998. We've yet to hear what the Strike Carbon will cost, but to secure a reservation customers need to lay down $10,000.

We’ll continue to update news of the Lightning Strike as it comes available, so stay tuned.