Light Adjusting Polarized Sunglasses Awarded Best Value

Golden, Co. - Colorado-based HaberVision announces the Best Value Award received for the 'Nice' style polarized sunglasses.

The Haber 'Nice' polarized sunglasses has a classic rectangular shape in a wrap style, with an e-base lens geometry allowing little in the way of peripheral light to disturb you.

Haber's Corelex ™ polarized ground and polished glass lenses are available in light adjusting, photo-chromatic versions which are designed to match color density to the prevailing light conditions.

"At Haber, the glare reducing benefits of polarization are mated with performance enhancing lens colors specifically designed for the active fisherman. For fly fishing, our Copper/Rose and Amber lens colors are designed to increase contrast making it easier to spot fish. For offshore sportsman, there's nothing better than our Pumice lens with Blue flash," explains Bill Nolan, CEO of HaberVision.

The most important aspect of performance eyewear is the optical quality and visual enhancement characteristics of the lenses. Polarized sunglasses have been used for many years by boaters and fishermen to reduce glare and enhance perception around the water. The benefits of using polarized sunglasses are now being realized by a variety of outdoor sport players including, golfers, cyclists, skiers, drivers, and those individuals who are light sensitive and demand more performance from their eyewear.

Currently 44 styles are available only through their website, All models meet or exceed ANSI Z80.1 and CE (European) eyewear standards, and are produced in France, Italy, Mauritius and Japan.

About Haber Vision:

HaberVision was founded in 2005 by Steve Haber, a 30-year sunglass-industry veteran and avid outdoor sportsman. Early in his career Haber developed the Bolle® brand of sunglasses and goggles. After taking the company public in 1995, Steve sold his interests to pursue a lifelong passion for fishing, skiing and golf.

Seeing the need for an eyewear company devoted to the polarized segment, Steve created HaberVision, with the sole purpose of helping consumers get more from their outdoor experiences.

Light Adjusting Polarized Sunglasses Awarded Best Value