Down to the wire and still have some gifts to grab? We've all been there, this is a hectic season after all, but there are still some days left to get things express shipped to your door. And luckily there are items that every motorcyclist needs but might not have. Plus you don't have to break the bank to get them even if, like me, the holiday fund stash is starting to get low. Below are some of our favorite last-minute gift ideas for a rider, perfect regardless of the bike they ride and easy enough on the wallet to keep you out of the poorhouse.

Motion Pro Tire Pressure Gauge

Every rider needs to keep tabs on their tire pressure, and a new gauge can be a nice way to remind them of that before the next riding season. Motion Pro produces quality, reliable products and you need a tire pressure gauge to be accurate to be safe. This one's a little more spendy then some of our other choices at around $76, but it's definitely worth the cost. Even if your favorite rider already has a gauge, consider this one an upgrade.Motion Pro

Dowco Guardian UltraLite Water Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Cover

Even if the bike is stored inside a garage, it's wise to keep it covered in the off-season. And if you keep the ride outside, a cover is essential almost year-round. The Dowco Guardian cover is bike specific, so you'll need to know the make, model, and year of the bike you want to keep covered, but lots of fitments are available so you're likely to find what you need. And the Guardian is water and mildew resistant, helps keep the bike protected from direct sunlight, and has an elastic cord at the base for a snug fit. If you want to go the extra mile, use the grommets built in with a cable lock for some added protection.Dowco

Nelson-Rigg Journey Mate

The Nelson-Rigg Journey Mate gives a rider a place to stash their phone safely while making it visible on the road, and it also has a compartment for a GPS navigation device too. Of course, the GPS pocket could be used to store any number of small items, which is why this gift is a great choice as a buzzer beater. There are strap mount and magnet mount options, meaning this piece easily secures down to the tank of most any motorcycle.Nelson-Rigg

Ear Buddy Earplugs

Some people are diligent about wearing earplugs on the bike, and some aren't. But the fact is that road noise, bike noise, and wind noise all together can take decibels well past safe levels. Particularly if a rider is doing any serious freeway riding. Ear Buddy Earplugs promise to reduce noise by up to 32 decibels when properly installed, which could mean the difference between the rider being able to hear later in life or having to live with damaged ear drums. Again, one of the less glamorous items on our list, but a great way to show your favorite rider you love 'em.Ear Buddy

Ram Mounts Handlebar Rail Smartphone Mount

Easy to install, universal fit, and a creature comfort the rider in your life might never have known they were missing. A Ram Mount handlebar mount is reliable and effective, plus it makes it easy to see the cellphone in a safe location on the bike, whether you're following some GPS directions or ignoring a phone call from your boss. This particular mount is made from stainless steel and composite materials so it's rustproof and the spring-loaded phone holder makes it perfect for any device.Ram Mounts

Helmetlok Carabiner Style Helmet Lock

If your favorite rider just leaves his or her helmet on the bike when they stop, or has to carry it around with them off the bike, a simple solution is here. The Helmetlok Carabiner helmet lock opens wide enough to attach to handlebars, frame rails, luggage racks, or subframes easily, and comes with a four-digit lock release that can be changed to a number they will remember. It's an aluminum piece with a plastic cover, so will stay solid in a variety of weather conditions too.Helmetlok

Wolfman Luggage Wolfy Tool Roll

Regardless of the type of bike, every rider should have a good tool roll on hand while out on the road. Wolfman Luggage makes the Wolfy Tool Roll from heavy-duty ballistic nylon and it's got 11 slots inside to hold a variety of essential tools. There's also a mesh pocket for any loose items you might want to keep stashed. This piece is made in the USA too. It doesn't come with the tools, however, so you'll want to make sure it gets filled before the next ride.Wolfman