Largest Manufacturers of Motorcycles In The World

From the May 1918 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

“The largest manufacturers of motorcycles in the world,”-such is the unquestionable position of the Hendee Manufacturing Company.

Not alone have they occupied this unique position from the very inception of the motorcycle business, but have maintained this manufacturing leadership year after year, until now, as never before, is this leadership irrefutably accentuated.

With a manufacturing capacity of over 50,000 motorcycles, the Hendee Manufacturing Company have been confronted throughout the 1918 season with a sales demand which could only be met by SUCH a tremendous and unapproached capacity, together with its unexcelled equipment and highly developed organization.

But even this tremendous capacity is being strained to the very limit to meet the demand for Indian motorcycles.

True it is that the United States Government is taking advantage of the great manufacturing possibilities of this huge plant- and this is only natural, for from the Hendee Manufacturing Company the Government has had unceasing co-operation and a full conception of its duty-a service gladly and willingly rendered!

Long before the United States became an active factor in this gigantic struggle for world-wide democracy, the Hendee Manufacturing Company spent large sums of money demonstrating to army officials that the motorcycle had a rightful and just place, as one of the most important, most efficient and most economical modes of transportation for army service.

So naturally, with the successful demonstration made by Indians, thousands have been and are being purchased for army use.

Then, too, came an unprecedented consumers’ demand for Indians. Indian dealers everywhere were swamped with orders

Consequently, with the Government requirements and dealers’ demand the unmatchable capacity of the world’s largest motorcycle plant has been overwhelmed.

But realizing that this enormous sales requirement must be met, as far as it was humanly possible, the Hendee Manufacturing Company have, night and day, driven their production up and up!-until almost the impossible has in many instances been achieved. And yet, the Company finds itself unable to fully overcome the daily increasing sales pressure.

The Company fully understands and regrets the unfortunate and unavoidable condition of the dealers’ situation- and is continuing with all the energy, all the fight, and all the facilities of this mammoth manufacturing organization to meet completely and satisfactorily this abnormal Indian sales demand.

It is the desire and aim of the Company to reduce dealer disappointments to a minimum, in so far as it is possible

We Must Win!

It is needless to rehearse the grave situation facing this nation-all that need be said is “WE MUST WIN,-WE WILL WIN.”

But to accomplish the most colossal task ever asked of a country, all of its vast resources of every description MUST be called upon to bring the ONLY answer-VICTORY!

To do it efficiently and gladly is the foremost desire of the Hendee Manufacturing Company-for it recognizes this to be its plain and unquestionable duty!

We know from intimate friendship with all Indian dealers that this, too, is their foremost wish and desire.

So, we ask all Indian dealers to patiently bear with us, knowing that the Hendee Manufacturing Company will not only put forth every conceivable effort to meet their needs but, also, do its full share to win the war.

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