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AMA Dragbike
Orient Express Pro Street race event report

event: AMA Dragbike Portable Shade Nationals
when: June 12-13, 2010
where: Montgomery Motorsports Park, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

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**Orient Express Pro Street **bikes showed up to a blistering hot Montgomery Motorsports Park for AMA Dragbike's timely named Portable Shade Nationals. The track seriously lacked rubber on its bumpy back half, and the 600 horsepower turbo Pro Street bikes struggled for air and grip. George Gooch ran a 7.70 to lead Friday testing for a class that's preparing for a 6 second club.

AMA Dragbike starter Jason Wurtzel laid down a good front half for qualifying, but the class struggled to match Gooch's .70. Then Atlanta winner Jeremy Teasley, riding a unique, nitrous-huffing Kawasaki ZX14, ran a nitrous record 7.27 at 193 mph. Teasley closed out the round a full half second ahead of number 2 Gooch, a Houston racer used to hot tracks.

After three rounds, Teasley still held an unheard of 3/10ths over number 2 Bud Yoder. But raceday delivered a cruel blow to Teasley, whose bike failed to shift against Ken Edwards in round 1 of eliminations. Edwards lost to Orient Express' John Flood in round 2. Gooch lost to Orient's Mike "Kavos" Kovacevich, Yoder to points leader Taylor Wood, and champ Mike Slowe to Orient's Rob Budgell Jr.

Flood got out to a lead over Kavos in the semi, but launched one of his signature wheelies and gave up the stripe. Wood beat Budgell in the other semi to set up the final with Kavos. Mike was set on kill, taking the tree and running a 7.57 to Wood's 7.65 for an Orient Express team win!

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The Orient Express Pro Street class races next July 17-18 at the Fast by Gast WPGC Bike Fest?at Maryland International Raceway in Budd's Creek.

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