Kawasaki Helps Arizona Motorcyclist Who Fights Off Police Chase Suspect

Kawasaki provides combat vet Brandon Jenkins with a new Ninja ZX-6R after his motorcycle was destroyed in an incident with a police chase suspect.

Brandon Jenkins receives new Kawasaki
Brandon Jenkins with his new Kawasaki ZX-6R at Kelly’s Kawasaki in Mesa, Arizona.©Motorcyclist

The motorcycling community is a tight knit group. Community is a large part of the experience of riding a motorcycle, and when a member of that community is wronged, people hear about it - fast. In that spirit, Kawasaki has given a new 2016 Ninja ZX-6R sportbike to Army Veteran Brandon Jenkins after his bike was destroyed by a suspect fleeing police.

“The passion for riding is something we all hold deep inside of us and when we heard Brandon’s story I knew we had to help him,” said Kawasaki Vice President, Marketing Chris Brull. “All motorcycle enthusiasts look out for one another and when the Motorcycle Industry Council and AIMExpo reached out to us with his story, I knew that we could help Brandon.”

Last week, Brandon Jenkins was an innocent bystander when a wanted suspect fleeing police near Phoenix, Arizona tried to steal his motorcycle. Jenkins fought back and when the suspects fled, they ran over his motorcycle, causing major damage. On Saturday, Kawasaki surprised Jenkins with the news that he would receive a new Ninja ZX-6R, and he picked up the motorcycle at Kelly’s Kawasaki recently in Mesa, Arizona.