Jonas Stein's 1968 Triumph Trophy | ME & MY BIKE

1968 Triumph Trophy

Name: Jonas Stein

Age: 24

Home: Nashville, Tennessee

Occupation: Guitarist/Vocalist, Turbo Fruits

I’ve been riding since I was 8 years old, starting on a Yamaha DT80 I’d ride on property my parents have up in Northern California. Nobody lives up there, and my Dad was comfortable enough to let me follow him around on the crazy mountain roads. I look back now and can’t believe we got away with that!

I’ve got a bunch of bikes now, but my favorite is this ’68 Triumph Trophy 650. It was originally my godfather’s bike, but he was the type of guy who was always buying something else. He sold it to my Dad in the ’70s and it’s been in the family ever since. Now it’s unofficially been passed down to me. My Dad doesn’t like kick-starting it anymore, which I get, but I’m still young and don’t mind kicking it over.

My Dad turned me on to that movie “The Great Escape,” and as soon as I got old enough I started riding that 650 in the fields around our Nashville farm, pretending I was Steve McQueen. So it’s seen some use and abuse, and it’s got some history, too. My Dad lent it to a friend for a few years during the ‘80s, when he was having a rough time, and it really kept him on his feet. It looks so natural, and worn. There’s something really special about the fact that it hasn’t been touched cosmetically in such a long time. There’s black duct tape on one footpeg, and the kickstart lever. I could get those rubber pieces replaced pretty easily, but it’s just the kind of bike that looks better with a little duct tape. It’s a rider, not some shiny, over-restored collectable.

One of my goals is to take a bike with me on tour, but right now we just don’t have enough space. If we get a big enough trailer one of these days, mark my words, I’ll have a bike in there. Probably not this one, though. Probably something small. I’ve also got a 1966 Honda CB160, and that would be a great bike to bring on tour. But the Trophy is perfect for about anything else.

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