Join Us for a Wicked Cool Adventure Rally

The Bonnier Motorcycle Group, Consumer Events Division has announced the Adventure Rally—Sierra Edition. This event is being produced for enthusiasts of adventure style motorcycles—bikes with both on and off-road capabilities of 650cc or larger. Based at China Peak Ski Resort, located on the Western Shore of Huntington Lake—some 7500 feet high in California’s Southern Sierra Mountain Range.

Participants are encouraged to form teams of two to four riders. Together they will enjoy incredible rides as they navigate to bonus locations throughout the region. Additionally “Special Tests” will help participants hone their riding skills, and give the chance to earn additional points. The result of this competition? Little fame, literally no fortune -- but tons of pride in honing your navigation and riding skills. All while having an absolute blast riding motorcycles with like-minded people in one of the World’s best locations for this type of riding.

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