Janklow Sentence: 100 Days in Jail

The former governor and congressman was sentenced to 100 days in jail following the his second-degree manflaughter conviction for killing motorcyclist Randy Scott.

Five months after running a South Dakota stop sign at high speed and colliding with motorcyclist Randy Scott and killing him, former South Dakota Governor and U.S. Congressman, now convicted felon, William Janklow was sentenced to 100 days in jail.

The statute under which 64-year-old Janklow was convicted for second-degree manslaughter sets no mimimum sentence. The range of possible sentences that Judge Rodney Steele could have imposed on Janklow ranged from nothing to 11 years behind bars and/or a an $11,400 fine. Options included probation, loss of drioving priviledges, restitution and community service. The average sentence is around seven years. The judge had a detailed presentencing report to help determine the sentence. He also heard from Scott's family and Janklow supporters.

Scott's family has also filed suit for unspecified damages.

Motorcyclists who feel that the sentence was excessively lenient may attempt to boycott South Dakota's largest tourist event, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Janklow is 2002