Iron Butt Rally | By the Numbers

1984 Year the first Iron Butt Rally was run. All 10 riders finished, including two Harley-Davidsons and a rotary-powered Suzuki.

6,066,145 Total miles ridden by the finishers of the 13 Iron Butt Rallies held to date.

364 Riders who have finished an Iron Butt Rally.

186 Riders who did not finish (DNF).

125 Displacement of the smallest motorcycles to finish an Iron Butt: Keith Keating on a Suzuki GN125 and Paul Meredith on a Cagiva Mito.

2 Fatalities: Ron Major (1997) and Fran Crane (1999).

47.2 Average speed in mph of '07 winner Marty Leir.

55 Age of the oldest motorcycle to finish an Iron Butt, a 1946 Indian Chief ridden by Leonard Aron.

3 Number of failed attempts by Leonard Aron to finish an Iron Butt on his 1946 Indian Chief.

3 Highest-placed finish for a Harley-Davidson: Brett Donahue, who in '07 proclaimed, "Sportster: It's Australian for dirtbike."

48 States visited by Martin Hildebrandt of Germany in the '95 rally, catapulting him to third place.

29 Women who have finished an Iron Butt, including four-time finisher Ardys Kellerman, who in '06 at the age of 74 rode over 100,000 miles to set a new BMW owners' record.

1 Number of cylinders still firing on Steve Attwood's Moto Guzzi Le Mans as he crossed the finish line to win the '93 rally.

1214 Miles ridden per day by George Barnes to finish 82nd in the '01 rally, setting the record for most miles ridden at 13,354. Barnes won the '99 rally, riding just 11 fewer miles.

2 Engines Paul Pelland required to finish the '01 rally on his Ural Solo.

2 Times Canadian Peter Hoogeveen has placed second ('91, '97). He's also finished third ('01), fifth ('03), seventh ('99) and 10th ('05).

1600 Dollars needed to pay the entry fee for the '07 rally.

0 Dollars awarded an Iron Butt winner.

1987 The last year current organizer Michael Kneebone rode the Iron Butt.

8 Couples who have finished an Iron Butt riding two-up. (No, they can't switch off the riding!)