Indian Springfield Darkhorse Sidecar Mobile Traeger BBQ

For when your love of barbecue equals your love of motorcycles.

Indian Springfield Darkhorse Sidecar Mobile Traeger BBQ
This motorcycle has four headlights, three wheels, two American brands, and one device that ensures the nearest barbecue joint is right next door.Indian Motorcycle

Thor Drake of See See Motorcycles must love gastronomy, as he’s answered a question few have asked: “Can I barbecue while I ride my motorcycle?”

According to a press release, Drake “had a dream to cook while out on the open road. After months of thought he decided to bring together two heritage brands—Indian Motorcycle and Traeger Wood-Fired Grills. The end result is an all-time classic.”

Indian Springfield Darkhorse Sidecar Mobile Traeger BBQ on white background.
The stock Traeger 885 can be controlled via Wi-Fi. No word on whether it also links to Indian’s Ride Command app. And check out those exhaust pipes for the grill!Indian Motorcycle

The vehicular cooking contraption is built around an Indian Springfield and incorporates a fully functional Traeger Ironwood Grill in a sidecar attachment. The [Springfield Darkhorse] ( looks to be basically in stock condition, but it’s in the side appendage where the trick bits reside.

“This Springfield Darkhorse features a fully functional Traeger Ironwood Grill, allowing the rider to experience the thrill of riding while cooking a delicious wood-fired meal,” the press release says. “Leave those greasy-spoon diners in the rearview mirror and chow down on juicy brisket, smoky ribs, and killer pulled pork wherever your travels take you.”

Aside from the obvious addition of the Traeger 885, we see a handlebar used as a grill-lid handle, provisions for hanging cooking utensils, and a lighted Indian war bonnet atop the fender over the stylish sidecar wheel. To gearheads like us, perhaps the most salivating component is the grill’s dual exhaust pipes jauntily poking out at a 45-degree angle.

We’d guess the culinary contrivance will have pork on its grill when it’s unveiled this week at the [Sturgis Motorcycle Rally] (, “rolling thunder and smoke at this world-famous South Dakota event.” If you’re drooling for more info about this machine, a video of the design and building of the bike will launch shortly after the Rally.