Indian Captures Senior Tourist Trophy Race

Team Prize-2nd and 3rd Places-Fastest Lap

From the July 1921 issue of Motorcyclist magazine

Isle of Man June 16,1921

Dixon LeVack Brown

First Team Across the Tape Hendee Manufacturing Co.

Largest Motorcycle Manufacturer in the World Springfeld, Mass.

The Senior Tourist Trophy Race is the most important event in the annals of motorcycle racing and commands the attention of every maker of motorcycles of importance throughout the world.

In this race a team victory is considered of maximum impotence for the reason that it proves beyond a question of doubt which machine in the race is consistently superior.

Great importance and value is placed on all of the first five positions and where one machine is able to carry off as many as two of these leading places the honor accruing is great.

Keen competition also prevails in connection with the fastest lap performance since this is taken as an indication that the machine winning the honor is capable of higher speed than all other competitors.