Incredible GSX-R Experience

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the GSX-R, Suzuki wants to hear your Incredible GSX-R Experience. If you've owned a GSX-R during the past 20 years, you have had, without a doubt, an Incredible GSX-R Experience.

Maybe it was a great ride early one spring morning, a fantastic racing battle at a GSX-R cup event, or it could be the day you left home and rode off to college. Whatever your Incredible GSX-R Experience was, Suzuki wants to hear about it. Submit your Incredible GSX-R Experience and include photos of you and your GSX-R.

Who knows, your story may even end up in Motorcyclist magazine as part of Suzuki's GSX-R 20th anniversary Incredible GSX-R Experience campaign.

All entries will be eligible to win a brand new 20th anniversary GSX-R750. Send your e-mail with digital images to [](mailto: or mail your Incredible GSX-R Experience story and photos to:

American Suzuki Motor Corp. 3251 E. Imperial Hwy. Brea, CA 92821-6795 Attn: Marketing Dept. "GSX-R I.E."

Know anyone with a GSX-R who wouldn't mind a chance to win a brand new 20th Anniversary GSX-R750? Forward this link to your friends!

"Incredible GSX-R Experience" Rules

THIS IS NOT A SWEEPSTAKES. You must be at least 18 years of age and a lawful resident of the U.S.; residents of AK and HI excluded. Employees of American Suzuki, its agents, affiliates, and related individuals or entities not eligible.

Submit application package to:

American Suzuki Motor Corp. 3251 E. Imperial Hwy. Brea, CA 92821-6795 Attn: Marketing Dept. "GSX-R I.E."

Must be postmarked by October 5 and received by October 15th, 2005, no late submissions, or e-mail your application package to [](mailto: no later than October 5.

Your application may include up to two (2) photos and up to 400 words of text. Tell us about your Incredible GSX-R Experience-be creative!
Winner based on:

(i) your experience with your GSX-R (ii) images of you and your GSX-R; (iii) anything else we feel is important

All decisions are final. If you win, we may ask you to help promote our products, and we will have the right to use images of you and your GSX-R without pay. We will require you to sign other agreements. You will be responsible for payment of taxes and certain other fees. Official Rules available at address shown above, or at

Send in your "Incredible GSX-R Experience" for a chance to win a 20th Anniversary GSX-R750!