I Predict The Ner-A-Car Will Become Relatively As Popular As The Gillette Safety Razor-King C. Gillette

From the August 1924 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine.

King C. Gillette, of Los Angeles, inventor and manufacturer of the Gillette Safety Razor, is one of the directors and a large stockholder in Ner-A-Car. Mr. Gillette has proved himself one of the most farsighted American manufacturers in forecasting popular demand. His judgment of the future of Ner-A-Car is well worth considering.

Why the public will buy Neracar “Motoring On Two Wheels”

Cheap-The price is $185. Upkeep extremely low. 85 to 100 miles to gallon of gas. No garage expense.

Simple-As easy to ride and control as a bicycle. Anybody can learn to ride Ner-A-Car in five minutes.

Clean-Broad fenders protect the rider from mud, dust and grease. Ride in any clothing without injury.

Safe-Speed from a crawl up to 35 miles per hour. Low center of gravity. Climbs hills easily. Practically skid-proof. Low saddle position. Feet on ground at start and stop.

Light-Easily controlled in operation by women, girls or boys and is parked or garaged with slight effort. Weight-180 lbs.

Convenient-Parks in small space. Provides transportation to work, to school, to the club without waiting for taxi or street car. There when its wanted.

Different-Beautiful in appearance. Looks unlike any other motor vehicle. No bar to straddle. Nothing to interfere with women’s skirts. Step in as into an automobile.

Popular-For women, girls, boys, men, bankers, mechanics-everybody. It looks classy; it is classy; and, it is as good as it looks.

85 to 100 Miles to the Gallon 35 Miles Per Hour

$185 Electrically Equipped at Syracuse

Ner-A-Car Corporation, Syracuse, N.Y.

Dealers-Western territory is now being allotted. Write today if there is no Ner-A-Car dealer in your town.