New ASIMO Offers Enhanced Capability, Trash Talk | Last Page

Danger, Will Robinson!

Harajuku, Japan, Nov. 11 — Not interested in putting a shiny new Honda in your garage? Well, the day is nearing when you may be putting one in your house, in the form of an ASIMO personal assistant. Honda dropped off the new generation of the little white dude at the Last Page offices so we could get some initial impressions. Our take? ASIMO gives an awesome foot massage, and better still, learns by example. In no time, ASIMO had picked up some of our most epic moves, including our really clever habit of referring to ourselves in the third person. (Note the accompanying photos and audio transcripts.)

Testing is, of course, ongoing. Look for future reports in our Doin’ Time section and on the Man/Bot Love Association’s home page, C:←

“Who’s up for some Courvoisier? Activate your beverage port!”
“Biotches, once you go digital, you'll never go back.”
“Snap! Hey home-slice, ASIMO smells what you’re cooking!”
ASIMO uses binary gang-sign to frighten off lesser personal assistants, such as floor-sucking Roombas and that annoying Siri.