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Like Barberin’, Only Closer

Medina, Minn., Apr. 20—

With the recent acquisition of Indian by Polaris, the parent company of Victory, fans of the legendary Indian brand are abuzz with excitement about the possibility of the creation of a whole new range of machines bearing the once proud Indian logo.

To offer Polaris a kick-start for reimagining a modern Indian, an unofficial styling symposium was recently held, luring some of America’s most creative designers to reveal their best styling licks for this historic brand. The Indian concept bikes revealed are, to say the least, dazzling, with their brash and bold take on classic Indian design themes, such as the use of at least one or more wheel(s), a centrally positioned engine to provide power and, of course, a seat. These long-ingrained Indian styling elements are the emotional touchstones that will be the key to reigniting America’s white-hot glowing passion for the legendary Indian brand.

Will one of these pieces of delicious retina bacon (how’s that for a fresh take on “eye candy”?) become the new Indian? Symposium organizers are optimistic, and have taken the bold step of actually e-mailing photos of the concept bikes to Polaris. Surely they’ll be hearing back from the excited design team shortly. Which one is your favorite?

Indian “Dream Catcher” Concept
Indian “Alone With Goat” Concept
Indian “Chief White Ass” Concept