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EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Apr. 1–Sometimes it seems there's so much going on in this great, big, crazy world that we can scarcely fit it all on a single page (minus that column over there to the right, which provides you with useful subscription information that we suggest you read immediately after this). Here's this month's news in a nutshell:

(ABOVE) SOMEWHERE IN THE MEDITERRANEAN—The most interesting man in the world finds it interesting to ride his vintage BMW to the shore, then strike a jaunty pose. Socks? Not really that interesting.

(LEFT) SOMEWHERE NEAR MILWAUKEE—In a creative co-operative branding experiment, Harley-Davidson has partnered with Home Depot to create a prototype dubbed the Ladder Glide. Unfortunately, the target demographic really shouldn’t go above the second rung.

(RIGHT) SOMEWHERE IN ASIA—An exhibition of custom motorcycles made out of dead lobsters launches industry stylists in a fresh, crustacean-based direction, though seat comfort is sure to suffer, and slick, melted butter may vex tire engineers. Lobster Glide? Don’t go there…