Honda CBR1000RR Motorcycle

Staffers' Rides

Ringleader: Aaron Frank
MSRP (2008): $11,599
Miles: 5899-6129
Average Fuel Mileage: 41 Mpg
Accessories & Modifications: HS Performance reusable oil filter

My long-term CBR, like many 2008 examples, has a thirst for oil. Honda has advised that consumption-nearly a quart per thousand miles when the bike is ridden hard-remains within acceptable limits. Even though the bike remains mega-strong on the dyno and shows no signs of excess wear, I've been watching my waste oil closely for evidence of anything untoward.

Not wanting to dredge dirty drain pans or hacksaw used oil filters in half, I decided to install a reusable, "lifetime" stainless-steel oil filter from HS Performance Parts ($140 from Not only does this element offer vastly superior filtration and performance compared to a conventional paper filter, it allows you to easily inspect engine debris close-up, to more accurately monitor conditions inside your engine.

The first line of defense is a super-strength neodymium magnet mounted to the top of the filter body that captures ferrous debris before oil even reaches the filter element. The element is made from laser-cut, medical-grade stainless-steel micronic cloth that captures debris down to 35 microns instead of a paper filter's 95 microns. Fine-grained sand measures 60 microns, while a white blood cell measures 25 microns-this is exceptional filtration, in other words. The stainless filter flows seven times better than paper, too, so the bypass valve is less likely to allow unfiltered oil to circulate the engine during extreme cold temperatures or high-pressure situations.

It works, too. After removing the filter the first time, we placed it over a clean shop rag and blew it out with compressed air, then marveled at what my mechanic Greg Moon described as "a pile of galactic space dust." After some study, he IDed the iridescent powder as transmission-derived (normal) and not piston ring material (abnormal). Mission accomplished.

Sure, $140 will buy you 40,000 miles worth of disposable filters, but with better filtration, better performance and improved peace of mind provided by the unique view this filter gives you inside your engine, we think this HS Performance lifetime filter is money well spent.

Honda CBR1000RR

Prices range from $139-$154, depending on application and finish (raw billet or black-anodized), with availability for nearly every Japanese and European sportbike and most Harley-Davidsons.